Sahara Kossen

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Sahara Kossen is your normal ten year old,until she gains superhuman powers. Will she be able to survive with her new abilities?

Submitted: October 15, 2016

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Submitted: October 15, 2016



Sahara Kossen is a normal 10 year old. Her friend Mindy, usally describes her as a desert. Which was pretty accurate. She has sandy blonde hair and brown eyes. Her parents are Arhcaeologists and usally bring home interesting objects.  Today they're coming home from Egypt where they were doing an archaelogical dig.

"Mama!" Sahara screamed. She wrapped her arms around her mother. "Hey, Sugerplum," her father said, as he hugged her. "Sweetheart, we know tomorrow is a special day," her father said. Tommorow was a special day it was her 11th birthday. "So we wanted to give you an early birthday present," her mother said as she held out a necklace. It was a sapphire with an ibis, an Egyptian bird. Her birthday was in September, so her birthstone was a sapphirre. The part that didn't make since was the ibis. They must have got it from Egypt, Sahara thought. "Do you like it?" her mother asked. "Yeah" Sahara said. She took the necklace and put it around her neck. She felt weird, as if something was going through her.

"Dinner is ready" Aunt Heidi said. Sahara's Aunt always made the best food. Tonight was chicken. Not Aunt Heidi's chicken, store brand chicken. Not the good store brand either. Disgusting. She felt the weird feeling, again. She looked down. The necklace was as bright as a star. "May I finish later?" Sahara asked in her best innocent little angel voice. "I have to do something for school." The weird feeling grew stronger in her back area. "Sure" Mother said. Sahara bolted up the stairs. 

"I think there is something wrong with my niece" Aunt Heidi said, after Sahara was gone. "Why would you think that?" Mother asked. "Because Sahara's school dose not give her homework on weekends," Aunt Heidi replied.

Sahara was in her room freaking out. Coming out of her back were a pair of wings. They were white and folded on her side. At first, she thought they were Swan wings. But when she looked up ibis on the internet, it showed white birds with long curved beaks. "I'm turning into an ibis" Sahara said, "Or going mad." She looked up. "Wait, this is all a dream, yeah, I'm going to shut my eyes, and when I open them everything will be normal." Before Sahara could close her eyes, she heard a voice. "Oh, this is no dream beautiful child," a woman's voice said. "Look down," the voice said. Sahara did exactly that to see her necklace was glowing. "Perfect, I am Nile, the ibis in your necklace," Nile said. "My necklace gives you abilities, of which one could only dream." "Like bird wings," Sahara said. She looked down, again. "And more my persnickity child," Nile said, "Take the necklace off and your powers won't work until you put it back on." Sahara took off the necklace and layed it on her bedside table. "Before you go," Nile said, "I want you to know there are evils, many evils, in the world and to save you and humanity you must defeat at least one of those." 

Want to find out more about Sahara's adventure? Stay tuned for Sahara Kossen Part 2.

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