Just A Con

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Valentines Day, my version lol

Submitted: October 15, 2016

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Submitted: October 15, 2016



Gentlemen stand up and say "NO" to Cupid

If you believe in him you are fucking stupid

I believe red roses and chocolates suck

Be straight out, and say you want a fuck 


Spending money on jewellery and flowers is so absurd

Come night they still have a headache, mark my word 

All the pretty cards and love hearts I find hard to follow 

If the bitch really loves you she'll give head and swallow


I've found many a time wining and dining has misfired 

Get her home and she says "sorry dear I'm too tired"

Better off having a few beers with a couple of mates

Than spending a heap of money on romantic dates


Rings and romance lead to a fucking wedding of course

Then more money down the drain if she wants a divorce 

Don't get married, don't go down that track any further

Like life in prison and you only get twenty years for murder


So if that little Cupid cunt shoots, duck let the arrow pass

Bend the bastard over and stick them up his tight little arse 

Tell him to fuck off with his arrows and forever stay away

Only one thing worse and that is fucking Valentines Day


Why waste money on chains and love hearts with locks

I reckon all that shit's for poofters and little soft cocks

Prefer a sheila who likes to fuck without the romance

Buy her a big Mac and a coke then off with her pants


If romance is so cool and Valentines and Cupid are the trend

How come that little prick with the arrows hasn't a girl friend

If you want to go and buy flowers etc. you're off your scone

I'm telling you man, all this Valentines shit is simply a con


So that's my opinion of romance, sorry if I seem a bit blunt

And if I happen to see Cupid I promise to kill the little cunt

Waste of fucking money romance,  that is for fucking sure

Better off with Mrs Palmer or even cheaper to fuck a whore 

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