Laurence Returns (Dimitri's View)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Love Struck
Trixis unconscious and can't go to a hospital so her condition getting worst. Will they figure out what happened and save Trixi. Read the story to find out.

Submitted: October 15, 2016

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Submitted: October 15, 2016



I called the ambulance for Trixi but I don't know what to do. What happened to her she was laughing and talking just fine an hour ago?
Did I miss something? Why didn't I notice this sooner?
Lost in my thoughts I didn't notice Trixi had opened her eyes.
"D...Dimitri?" She says weakly 
"Trixi you're awake what happened?" I hurry over to her side and sit down.
"" She says in a whispering voice before her eyes close again and her breathing gets worst.
"TRIXI! Please don't die please Trixi" I yell before bursting into tears.
It was five o'clock in the morning and Trixi was still unconscious. She was to weak to move so the doctor came to the house to help her. I'm not aloud in the room until he is done checking her out to figure out what's wrong.
As I sit in the living room waiting I hear a knock at the door. I wonder who that is we weren't expecting anyone were we?
Unsure I open the door to find Laurance standing there. Oh yeah Laurance was suppose to come today.
"Laurance! You're here!" joy takes over and without thinking I slap him in the shoulder.
"Dimitri what are you doing here?wheres Trixi" Laraunce says looking confused.
"Oh um yeah..... It hard to say this but Trixi is um.....unconscious and we can't go see her because she's with the doctor..."
"Laurance clam down. I'm not sure what happened to her but I'm doing everything possible to figure it out. The police are coming soon to investigate."
"Sorry for freaking out let's just sit down and go through what happened"
Laurance and I head back to the living room and I explain to him everything that has happened the day before and before finishing he jumps up and starts going crazy.
"Calm down and explain it to me" I try calming him down and eventually he sits down again and is about to explain when the door bell rings. 
I go answer the door and it was the cops. Finally now we can explain this to them and they'll figure it out.
"Hello we are here about Trixi. We are going to need you to explain the event of yesterday" one asked me 
I lead them to the living room where Laurance is sitting and I explain everything again only this time making it to the end of the explanation. 
"I see so it must have been the pizza" the polices officer say well nodding his head. 
"The pizza?" I asked questionably.
"Yes you said Trixi was the only one to eat the pieces with the Ts on them there for they must have been poisoned" the officer explains
We sit there discussing this for hours well waiting for the doctor to come out. The officer went in and told him about the pizza hours ago but neither one has came out yet. 
I hope Trixi's okay. I haven't actually told her the real reason I came to see her. But there no time to think about that not when she like this.
The door to Trixis room slowly opens and the doctor walks out of the room with a concerned look on his face.  What's does that mean? Is she going to be okay?

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