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This is a poem of a girl who had an evil boyfriend, a strict and unkind mother. A girl who was alone and who could do nothing but pretend who she is. She learns of her tears and makes them her strengths. I hope you like it!!!

Submitted: October 15, 2016

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Submitted: October 15, 2016



Cry! Crying for someone who does not deserve her tears. Someone who uses her words, expressions, and emotions for entertainment, for use, for fame.... I am a toy, he likes to play.

Cry! Cried for hours. Her mother doesn't understand. She mocks her of her pain, she reads her and watches her fall. She insults her, she pushes her around. I am a puppet, I must obey.

Cry! Cries for herself, she walks around the halls aimlessly looking for someone, anyone... She smiles, though in her heart she screams. She is alone, all she wants is a smile, a hug, acknowledgement of her existence. I am a disease, I must run away.

Cry! Cry for help, all she can do now is ask for help. Her world is shattered, no friends, no love, compassion or pity. They think she is ok through fake smiles, fake expressions, and fake reality. I am a mask, I cannot be swayed.

As I cry, I understand these feelings. As I cry, I realize I can't always be happy. As I cry, I cry to make my weakness go by. As I cry I am stronger and learn of what I cried for! With that, I will just cry.

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