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What are you looking for your ideal life partner?
Beauty , Talent , Love , compatibility, may be bank balance also ... or there is some thing some thing else as well...

Submitted: October 15, 2016

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Submitted: October 15, 2016




“Dont go near her, you will have a bad luck ” Mom scolded me when I asked the girl next door to play with me. 

Its summer time and everybody left the town but not her because she carries bad luck. How can some one carry bad luck. I cant see her carrying anything with her. But I am getting bored , why my mom does not want me to play with her. I have to play video game now that too alone.  I always got bored in summer vacations ,as all my relatives are in the same town and we never go to someone’s house for overnight stay. 

Now even the video game is boring . I am thinking about the superman. If I were  a Superman , I will never allow summers to come in my town. I hate summers ,as I felt too alone. Nobody is here to play with me. But Nobody is playing with her ,all year long. I was thinking ,what would she do if she were  a superman. 

Its almost mid of the summer  and my mom has to go to meet some relative today, I left alone at home. I was playing my video game in my balcony , when I saw her first time giggling .She was also playing in her laptop. She looks very happy and I felt jealous and angry .How can someone be happy alone. But still I m smiling seeing her . Am I gone crazy. In 14 years of my life I never felt this way Happy Sad or AngryHappy . 

I dont know why am I talking to her , although I am not allowed to. I called her ,but she wont listen . I called her again 

“Hey ”

“Are you calling me?”

“Do you see any one else here? Of course I am calling you !!”

“Ok. what do you want?”

“I dont have anyone to play with me  and you also  don't have any friends . So I thought can we play together, I have latest video games”

She smiled  “Sorry, but I am busy, chatting with my friend right now.I will play with you later. ”

I laughed .”I know you don't have any friend . Why are you lying ? I know no one is allowed to play with you.”

She went inside without uttering a word.


I felt angry. She should not behave like this. Why has she lied to me. 

  Finally Summer vacations are over and new class started . I was told to study hard as Its my 11th class and my future depends on how well I work these two years. I have a lot of dreams in my eyes for my career.  Then I saw someone just like I am still dreaming. She is entering my class, wearing the same smile from that day. And suddenly I realised , I even don't know her name.

Teacher came and introduced her. Her name is Delakshi that means fortune. But she is nothing like   her name , as she carries bad luck with her. But only I know this. She was a through out topper and   I realised thats why she has that much attitude .

 “Hi Rohan”

So she knows my name also. I said “Hi”

She is still smiling and I am again HappyAngry.

Now  we met everyday although I have not told this to my mom and finally we became friends , still we never talk after I came back home. 

One day while having lunch with her .I asked “Why you lied to me that day. I know you don't have any  friends” 

“I haven’t lied to you. Yes I don't have any friend in India. but I have a friend in U.K. we met online only and become best friends now. I was talking to her only.”

“Why people say that you bring bad luck”

“I lost my mom the day I born and after some time , we lost our business as well.”

“Do you really think because of you these happens ”

“No, how can I be the reason for the mishappenings that does not involve me.But I know  I cant change people’ minds . so I just tried to ignore what they say.” Smiling she said.

I dont know what I felt more, respect for her thoughts or love for her smile. I just wanted to see her smile always , like this only, no matter what It takes.

I hate every single person who hates her . 

And years by years , We became better and better friends.

Now we both completed our graduation and have offers in our hand. Being the topper, she has some better offers than me but we choose the same company. so that we can be together with each other. 

Its her 25th birthday and everything is ready flowers, cakes and proposal ring . I am nervousExcited . And finally the moment came, I knew she also loves me, just wanted to see that smile when I propose her.

“Happy Birthday !!” 

“Thankyou … Wow Roses :). What happened to you today ?”She looks smiling.

I bent on my knees .lifting ring in my hand and asked her “I love you ”

She has not said anything and left. 

I felt broken . Why ?? What happened ?? 

I talked to her another day and asked the reason for her refusal.

“Your mom will never allow this”.

“I will talk to my mom and try to make her understand.”

“But what if some thing bad happen after I come into your life”

“What ? Are you crazy ?? I am a literate person. I dont believe in all this nonsense”

She is now crying Happy :)

My mom becomes very angry after knowing me marrying her. But for my sake , she allows us to get married. But never felt happy for this marriage.

She keep doing all kind of Puja to save me from her bad luck.

We got married finally. And I thought How can people say that she brings bad luck. She always bring good luck for last 11 years.

Its been 2 months after we got married and my mom still afraid of bad luck .So she continues go to different templates to save me from bad luck . While coming back from a temple , she fell down from stairs and broken her left leg. Everyone is blaming Delakshi for this . But as always, she does not said anything. 

After one year I became father of a beautiful angel, but the same day I lost my mom also. We will never celebrate her birth. And after some time because of recession I lost my job, but its good that she still has her job as she is a valuable resource for her company.  While i was searching for another job she is handling all the expenses. Once she has to leave with my daughter to my mom’s  house. So I asked my sister to come . As everyone else , she also believes Delakshi is the reason for all bad time I have. After 3 days they left , I got the job. It must be a coincidence only, but this co incidence happens when she left me. 

I called her to give her this good news. 

She was very happy to hear this .She has one more good news . Her childhood best friend was coming to India this Friday, and first time she is gonna meet her. Everything seems to be in place now.  

It is Friday. Delakshi was very excited to meet her best friend for first time. They share everything with each other. After meeting Delakshi, her friend was also very happy and next day she had a flight back for U.K.

It was Saturday morning , when I got the bad news. U.K. flight crashes and my wife’s best friend is no more. Delakshi was broken from inside. I asked her to come back to me, as she was very upset. I asked her that I will send her the returning tickets.

I was booking ticket for her . Was it again only a coincidence that she died after meeting her.

Next day she got a post from me, She opened that and it is a divorce notice.

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