Let Me Dream

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Submitted: October 15, 2016

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Submitted: October 15, 2016








A cup of coffee in hand and some one thinking about sleeping? Quite contradictory right ??

But that's me.


The most refreshing thought that came in my mind after having two sips of coffee are my dreams and their significance . As no matter how depressed I am in my real life , my dreams always gives me hope and an instinct to the ways to happy life.My dreams makes me more lively than my real life .


It was sound of water drops that awakens me from my daydreaming . 4 wats-app messages. Messages from a close friend is the next best thing that makes me smile. But All messages are not happy one. It was from a friend who got married yesterday. She sounds worried and sad. So I decided to meet her and cursing God for making her life miserable once again.

I asked her to watsapp me her new address.


----- I was on my way to her home. Suddenly I remember that tomorrow is my nephew's birthday. So I thought to buy a present for him. I want to gift him something unique this t ime. I saw an aquarium store.


My mom used to say that Fishes bought good luck and prosperity to home and they are also very cute . So I decided to gift him a fish.So I entered that shop.


This guy, the shopkeeper, seems quite interesting person and I feel like he is a good friend of mine from ages. Yeah... Sometime my imagination goes too far.. :). His name was Hari.

In Hindu Mythology, Hari is name of God , who is in charge of running this world of ours .


After talking to him, I came to know that he is also fond of stories, just like me. See I told you “friends from ages” :P. He said that his fishes are like sweet daughters of him and its his responsibilities to give them in right hands or send them in suitable aquarium which is deserving for each of them. He said it is kind of Final destination of the fishes.


It actually amused me a little but I just smiled. I chose three fishes in the shops .

One beautiful Gold fish, Which is in an aquarium.

One white cloud and one bloodfin tetra both are in tank with other fishes.

Honestly, more than buying one of those fishes , I was keen to listen their stories.


So first he told me the story of gold fish. He told me that she was in a different aquarium before . It was a very beautiful aquarium ,as beautiful as this new one , with gold plated boundaries and made of beautiful glass. It has colorful plants in it. “Then Why she left that aquarium” I asked confused. He told me that after some time rain comes heavily and all the gold platings comes out and the water becomes polluted. Now it was difficult for that fish to breathe in there , It was like a nightmare for her. She was very much terrified. So I had to pick her out of there. Yesterday I place her in new aquarium.


“Some one deserving” I thought and a smile came to my face . But then I realised that gold fish seems sad in this new aquarium. I asked Hari why is she still sad.


Hari told me that this aquarium is reminding her of her old aquarium . More that that As you can see its raining today, She saw a gold plate is missing from a corner of aquarium. She is terrified by the thought of that history is repeating itself and how she will survive again in polluted water. She don't want to loose the aquarium again. I look at Hari, feeling sad for the fish. And he said , “whatever is happening it is in her destiny.”


I thought shopkeeper may be not as sensitive as I thought he is. I asked Hari to tell what is the story of white cloud fish.


White Cloud Fish was in tank but seems sad too. Hari told me that White Cloud fish was very happy living in tank . She has a very dear friend of her here and never wants to leave her and the tank. She requested me several times to send them together, wherever she goes.

But that is not in her destiny. She has to go alone.


“Can you see the aquarium at the corner?”. Hari asked me. There was a aquarium at extreme corner which looks a bit of scary as it is made of metal and one could not see what is inside it. White Cloud Fish is sad because she has to leave her favourite tank and her best friend tomorrow for one scary tank and life would be miserable for her there.


I was kind of angry on Hari and asks Hari why he has to sent her there ? He just smiled and said nothing . But I know the answer .”Destiny”


“Friend for ages .... I don't think so” I thought, then I look at bloodfin tetra, she seems happy and smiling, So am I ,after seeing her. Now I want to know her story.


Hari told me that bloodfin tetra fish also going to a new aquarium tomorrow.


“So she likes the aquarium she is going in” I asked.


He said “we don't know as she does not want to see the aquarium before going there and she wanted to enjoy her last here to the fullest”.


I was confused for my feeling .Should I be happy for her or feel sad.


I think that was enough for the day , So I bid Him Good bye and promise him to come back to buy a fish for my nephew or may be to meet these fishes.


Now Hari is nothing like my friend. I was thinking why is he sending them to a place they don't like . Shouldn't be its their decision not Hari's. So now once “my friends for ages”

seems like a villain to me .


That night I was only thinking about those fishes and then suddenly something very favourite to me , came to me ... my sleep, the gate of my dreams :) The next day I was very keen to meet the fishes again so I go to the shop again.


Alas! None of the fishes were there in shop. I was so worried , where are they now, are they happy, are they ok?? So I go to Hari and asked.


He smiled and told me patiently that they reached to their destination. I still wanted to know if they are ok now ? So I urged Hari to tell me.


“What happened to that Gold fish .Does she still misses her old aquarium and does the new aquarium also loosing its gold plates.”


He said “Yes she still misses her old aquarium, but she is happy in her new aquarium. The new aquarium has real gold boundaries that can never taken off”.


“But she saw the torn corner .”- I asked confused.

He said – It was because of tears in her eyes. She was not able to see properly.



Sometimes We are not able to see how much God gave us because of the veil of past memories and sadness in our eyes.


I feel a bit relaxed and thought this guy is not that bad. May be we can be friends I thought :)


“What about white cloud fish .Is the aquarium scary from inside also at it is from outside?”


Hari smiled and said “No that aquarium is very nourishing and beautiful from inside. My white cloud fish is happy now.”


I was happy but out of curiosity I asked “But why that aquarium has metal surface outside”.


Hari told me so that she cant see her old friend and dwell in past. Old memories cant pass this metal tank and she can live happily inside.


Whatever God do for their children ,it always for the best of mankind. Or Fishkind I thought and smiled.


So Hari is a friend now ,a good friend:)


“And Bloodfin tetra. Is she happy with her new life in aquarium?” I asked again.


He said “Yes ! She is enjoying there and gradually she is realising that it is not much different from her favourite tank.”


Had I already mentioned that Hari seems me a “Friend for ages”:)


I was about to leave the shop bidding Hari goodbye. Suddenly I heard the sound of water drop. I realised those were the tears of golden fish. I was confused now. Then I heard it again and this time it wakes me up.

2 watsapp messages. My friend sent her new address to me.

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