Matter of Minutes

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A minute could change your whole life.

Submitted: October 16, 2016

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Submitted: October 16, 2016



This life we live is lived day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, and second by second. One second could change your whole life. This is how one minute changed my life forever. This is how I met Victoria.

It’s 7:31am, one minute after pressing the snooze button, I’m awake staring blankly at the fan spinning slowly. The blades cutting through the cool breeze drifting in through the window bringing in the smell of leaves falling from the mid-autumn trees in the park across the way. The blades spin on a low speed avoiding the need to cover completely to break a chill with the bed sheets. Around and around they go and I drift softly back to sleep; then awaken suddenly to an alarm. What seemed like seconds with my eyes closed amounted to minutes and now it is 7:05.

After getting ready for the day and locking the door to my apartment, I am on track for my daily run to the corner coffee shop to help knock the sleep out of my eyes. Falling into my car and turning on the engine the clock blinks from the center console 8:21. I keep my clock 5 minutes fast in an effort to arrive 5 minutes early where ever I go. In reality it serves as a daily math equation to see how much time I “really” have to get to my destination.

Arriving at the coffee shop I look at my phone to maneuver around the need to subtract 5 minutes from the center console clock in the car. I have a minute to go in instead of wait in the long line of cars wrapped around the building driven by people sharing the same idea of a morning “pick-me-up”. I take my computer in and after ordering I sit in view of the angry drivers who are only 4 or 5 cars ahead of where I entered the shop. Enter Victoria.

I receive my beverage and begin to test the Wi-Fi to make sure it supports my connection for the online meeting I am to have at 9:00 with a client moving in from another state. I glance up and immediately meet eyes with Victoria. There was a friendly smile that was shared that created a coy atmosphere between us. It was 8:58, I had to focus on the meeting and prepare myself for all the questions that would come from the potential clients. Victoria was sitting with her back to me on her computer a couple tables away. She was laughing on a phone call and I had connected to my clients. As we spoke I had a feeling that I was being watched. I glanced occasionally at the interesting woman who all but took my heart, yet I had not spoken one word to her. I noticed she was staring at me from the black in her open screen; as soon as we met eyes she quickly jogged the screen awake in embarrassment.

My meeting went well and I had packed my things. Victoria had gone to the restroom for a moment and I lingered to make sure I had not left while she was gone. As she opened the door to the restroom I had begun to put my strap over my shoulder. The beautiful radiant glow from her face dissipated. I smiled only to be met by a sad attempt to happily smirk. I walked right past her as the entrance/exit door was between where we sat and the restroom. As she passed I smelled the sweet sensation of pine needles and a warm blanket on the couch cuddled with what I wished in that split second was her. I froze with door ajar. The sensation was going to be more than a sensation very soon.

I turned to meet Victoria’s face carrying a single tear quickly wiped away as she continued to pack her things. I frightened her as I made an unexpected, but surely warranted advance. “ I don’t know you. If I hadn’t slept in I would have probably never met you. I’m sure glad I did though.” 10:01.

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