dear adam

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Dear Adam, here's to you.

Let's do whatever you want to

I want to waste away my youth

Waste it all with you

Waste it all too soon

Dear Adam, I love you

My fingers edging down your spine

Sending me those subliminal signs. Touching you is so sublime.

Carve my love for you on the highway signs

Dear Adam, please be mine

Your smile intoxicates me like a fine wine

Your eyes illuminated with that enchanting shine

They could guide me through the dark

My love, you are one of a kind.

Dear Adam, you own my heart.

Loved you from the start.

Let's go full throttle on this car

I told you always.


Dear Adam, always.

Loving you's my new calling.

All the towering roadside lights led me to you

Underneath this midnight hue

Dear Adam, you're a star

Dear, Adam you're one of few.

Dear Adam, let's get lost

That's all I want

Stranded out here in the milky way

Making love to you out in the timeless space

But let's party like it's saturday

Gravity can wait

Darling, I'd like it no other way.

My heart will race

Oh, that look on your face.

In Romantic Studies I'd ace

Would you be my study mate?

Let me undo that lace

Give me a little taste

Let me wrap my arms around your waist

With you, Saturday is everyday

Manuevering around your body with a subtle grace

Let's count the days away

You gave me your rememdy

When I could've sworn I was the public enemy.

Filled to the brim with compassion

Your sincerity certainly is not lacking

Push me up against the wall

Make love to me in the back seat

Please catch me if I fall

Hold on to me in the heat

Of the moment

Grinding and boning

I love you let me show it

I love you and you know it

I need you 

I want you

Your clothes I'll free too

Let me grip your shoulders to hold onto

Out here we don't need money, glamour, or fame.

All i need is you.

Dear Adam, here's to you.




Submitted: October 16, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Bramblecat. All rights reserved.

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Lisa Wolf

This is incredible.

Sun, October 16th, 2016 5:50pm

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