The note

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What will Molly do when she comes home to find her boyfriend hanging from their bedroom ceiling

Submitted: October 16, 2016

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Submitted: October 16, 2016



< The note read: My dearest Molly I'm sorry I can't pretend, i cheated on you with Sarah, we, it, well it was an accident ,but i cant live with myself for what I did. I love you, really I do .Molly, here is the wedding ring I wanted to give you before it happened, I hope you shall forgive me. Your one and only George

Next to it lay a beautiful wedding ring in a red box. Behind that George hanged from the fan in our bedroom. The rope left a red mark around the neck I had so tenderly kissed the night before. The words he told me when I left for work in the morning embedded in my thoughts 'I love you Molly'. Tears swelled in my eyes and I didn't know what to think, hatred for the act that he had committed, or sadness for what I saw in front of me. My chest felt heavy and I couldn't breath. I stumbled backwards towards the wall and slid down it as the tears I tried to hide spilled onto my cold checks. My question was answered, I felt sadness. I sat there for several minutes, my mind wondered to the day i met him. He brought me a Starbucks as I left my wallet in the car and was in a hurry. Then he offered me lunch, which i took him up on. That happened 6 years ago. we had 6 years of happiness. We did things all couples did, we argued, we forgave, we annoyed we trusted we shared our lives. Now it was all gone. I didn't know who to blame. Me. Sarah.Him. Maybe i did something wrong to cause him t cheat on e. Maybe Sarah seduced him. Maybe he just felt like cheating on me.

My phone ringed. I forced myself to get up and get it. Sarah. That she pretended to be my friend even though she slept with George. Hatred boiled up inside me. I answered. "Hey their girlfriend, I was thinking we could go for a coffee with all the gang tomorrow after work!" her voice screeched over the phone. I put on a happy voice before answering "Can i come with George?" "You know what maybe not." "Why do you never want to hag out with us together?" "I just do-" I lost control "Is it because you slept with him!" "How did you fin-" I hung up. Tears streamed down my already wet checks. I dialled 999. "Hello this is 999 please state your emergency" "Hello I am Molly dean, I would like to report two suicides at 296 Turner Drive, London." "Do you know who's?" "Yes my boyfriends and mine" "Mam i'm sure that is not necessary can you..." I dropped the phone as the lady still talked into the phone. I removed George from the rope he hung from. Then carefully I put my head in the noose. I muttered " Now we will be together 1,2,3" I jumped.

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The note

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