True love

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Submitted: October 16, 2016

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Submitted: October 16, 2016






Once upon a time two friends named Joe and Kroos were doing their graduation in University of California, United States. Though they came from different backgrounds, they held an example for best friends in their locality

 They topped in every event of their college and actively participated in all sorts of activities until the arrival of a girl named Jane who looked stunning though. Though she wasn’t a highborn and being poor in her academics, she was egoistic that no one was beautiful born ever than her and boys were mesmerised by her beauty and she always finds a way to get her things done. On her first day of the college almost half of them started to flirt her and some of them even proposed to her. Being born egoistic and arrogant (to poor and not handsome look guys), she rejected all of them except those who were rich and intelligent in the class.

 Whenever she steps her foot in the college, it was like a heaven to all those who have been rotting in the so called ‘Academics’. Her skin and hair was so smooth and soft that even a flower started to feel jealous when it started to slide on her soft skin. When her hair slides down over her ears, the way she gently pushes hair her back off the ears made joe felt like she was his soulmate and was ready to give his life for her. It was like a cool breeze on the skin for him.

Joe who had crush from the moment he saw her, had his emotions unexposed as he was floating in shame. As the time goes on, Joe had himself very much drowned in love with her that his grades started to fall.  But on the other side she barely sees and talks with him while he had her name engraved in his heart and there is no place left for anyone else except her in his heart. By god’s grace somehow she got acquainted of him and became good friends. Joe, who thought that it was the right time to tell about how he feels of her, prepared his own poem to impress her. On the very next day, with his heart full of guts went to her and started describing her infront of her friends as a poem

“ The power of your beauty is the world's greatest gift 
  the heaviest boulder it could easily lift. 
  A girl this perfect I never knew 
  all that changed the moment I met you. 
  Heaven on Earth I was not aware 
  until I met you that was crafted with such care. 
  You would be the answer to a prayer 
  if someone asked for something rare with beauty to spare.

  If I had a choice I would choose you over air 
  for air can't compare to a girl not found elsewhere.”

On hearing those lines, except Jane all her friends were astonished as they thought that he wasn’t worth paying attention at all. His proposal was rejected and the reason being was that she was already in love with someone else. On being asked, he was told that her so called ‘lover’ was none other than his best friend kroos which made him further devastated as kroos chose her over him. He can’t cope with what she had done to him and yet he managed to overcome his pain and focused on his studies which made him successful after graduation for which he worked very hard. He started a company and made it to the one of greatest companies of the decade and became enormously rich.

On the other side, Jane who thought beauty was the only weapon to get her job done managed to get a job in an Ad-agency. Both marriage and divorce of kroos and jane happened in a very short time as he can’t tolerate her and so was she.  As a part of her job, where she has to go the prime companies in the city and ask for their support, Joe’s company support was considered as crucial for her agency. Unaware of his company, she entered his chamber and was shocked to see him and had a notion that her proposal would be rejected, so she started to fall back. But out of surprise he calls her and accepts her company’s proposal without even looking at the terms. Out of curiosity, she asked him why he extended his support to her company instead of rejection for what she had done to him in the past. He put up his answer in a simple way –

    " Some love stories may end, but feelings don’t  "


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