Dueling Doubles

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Seeing your own double shouldn’t be deadly but for someone pursued by a doppelganger that’s exactly what it means. Emma has been targeted by just such a creature for integration and death. And once they’ve turned there is almost no escape…almost. She’s finds herself lucky enough to have a champion in her corner. A man who will stop at nothing to save her life but begs the answer who will save her heart from him?

Aaron has been watching over Emma her entire life from afar but now he will need to get up close and personal or lose the fight. He knows what happens when one of his own kind aims to kill and he will do everything he can to prevent it. He will have to go against his family and race to protect her but if he’s learned anything over the years of watching out for her it’s that she is definitely worth it.

****Her heart was racing a mile a minute. She wanted to believe it was the adrenaline from her near escape but after a moment or two she could no longer deny it was because of him. Hiding inside that closet, Aaron was forced to stand only inches from her and it was doing things to her she didn’t care to admit. Her body was screaming at her to move in and close the distance but she wasn’t sure getting tangled up with someone like him was the smartest move at the moment.

He closed his eyes and gave a soft groan, “Emma, you are killing me. I can sense everything you’re feeling; you are not making this easy.” She turned her head up to stammer an apology born of embarrassment but was cut short by the hungry look in his eyes. His lips were so close she could feel his uneven, labored breaths tickle her skin. As she found herself leaning forward she silently chanted to herself, this is not smart, this is not smart. Her mantra did absolutely no good as her lips found his.****

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Submitted: October 16, 2016

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Out of the Fire

Submitted: October 17, 2016

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Dueling Doubles

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