Born into a Nightmare

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a world with barely any life. only few survivors amongst this god forsaken world... Read more about what happens in this spine-chilling story.

Submitted: October 16, 2016

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Submitted: October 16, 2016



Born into a nightmare By Zara S.


It was morning… Yet, not the morning that you would expect. The leaden-coloured clouds took their daily stroll in moaning misery; no light to guide the way out of this worrying world. A once peaceful world that has been corrupted by sinister beasts that have roamed this damned earth which has no future to even bother with. At least, that’s what I thought. However, what happened next was as unexpected as birds flying in this untouched location.


It was a ghost town that wept for someone -something- to rescue it from this continuous calamity. The silence that crawled through the obscured shadows was disrupted by scattering leaves in the distance. I peered through the shattered blood-stained window; a vague figure stood at the end of the street. It walked forward-No, it crawled forward towards the middle and as it did, I noticed the evocative features of its body. It was a nightmare to look at the thing carrying a body of hideous proportion: Tentacles that could plunge you to death, greasy black ‘hair’ that sat on top of the monstrous scalp, a long neck that held the chin upright like the roots of a tree and worst of all… the innocent blood that drooled down its mouth. It instantly turned my way with its eyes of tenebrosity and I shot back under the window sill. From that moment, I knew the next victim of those creatures would be me.


There was a sudden scream that ricocheted off the crowded buildings in the street. My breathing came to a halt. I took a quick glance out of the window and the creature was scuttling off to find the source of the sound. I wondered where that scream had came from? Whoever it came from, god bless if they’ll be able to survive the fate of death approaching them. Meanwhile, my sweat was trickling down my face in response of what I had just experienced as the image of the creature was fixed into my mind. Even if my life was about to be taken, I don’t know how I would feel about that because, well, there might not be any point of life if this is what it offers. Cruel creatures reaping the lives of men, women, animals and children for… for -dare I say- entertainment. I looked at my rotting food that I had salvaged (to survive this wreck) and I could see that it was running out. No...No, no. I could not go out- out there again, not after what had happened. I frustratingly banged my head against the concrete wall. It’s only a matter of time till it will be back and I can’t just sit here losing my sanity. I’ve made up my mind; I’m going.


I slowly secured the back-door closed and ventured out into the street, keeping within the shadows. As I peregrinated from building to building, I met deceased bodies that had been torn apart to feed on. I could barely look at them despite the bodies being trashed on every ominous corner that awaited me. Soon, I cautiously proceeded towards a rundown store that (like all buildings) gave an eerie atmosphere. I hastily stepped inside the store, scouting for anything to consume but I stopped. There was a faint sound coming from a closet, a sweety silvery voice… “At home, where mummy and daddy is... At home, where my teddies are... At home, where I am the safest…” I inched closer to the door and unlatched it. What I saw was a young girl sitting in the corner of the small room. Her eyes were fading the same as her sanity did. She glanced up at me, “Help.”

© Copyright 2019 Zara Yoshida. All rights reserved.

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