Talk of Belief

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Just a quick thing I made, most likely not going to do any more with it.

Submitted: October 16, 2016

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Submitted: October 16, 2016



“He’s right behind you, you know.”


“He’s looking at you.”

Silence, still

“Can you sense him?”


“Are you afraid?”

“Should I be?”

“Most people are.”

“By your logic, then I am.”

“What of you personally, though?”

“No, I’m not.”

Silence blankets the two in conversation

“Do you want to know why his eyes are red?”

“Humor me.”

“He is angry that you are not afraid of him.”

“As I say, I cannot see him; I’m not afraid.”

“You have not turned around to see him.”

“Would I see him then?”

“That is the idea.”

“It’s the idea of a shattered light bulb.”

“May I hear your idea, then?”

“You see him because you believe.”

“This is based off belief now, is it?”

“Has it not always been?”

“Well, belief is a strong part of human reasoning.”

“Belief is the mind’s craftsman’s tool, known all too well for its trickery.”

“How interesting. Please, go on.”

“Ever since people came to be, they needed something to believe in; it’s the natural way.”


“Do you really believe in demons, angels, and ghosts? They are only our imagination! Why do you think we have so many various descriptions of them?”

“We have these descriptions because they appear different to everybody; despite this, we strive to have a realistic image of them.”

“Why? They don’t exist; we made them up. We needed something, things to believe in yet blame for all that went wrong. I can think of a prime example: Him.”

“Are we talking about God now?”

“Sure, let’s put him into the mix. He is a part of this, after all.”

“You seem to disbelieving in the supernatural.”

“It is merely my point of view.”

“…His eyes are still red. He reaches for you now.”

“I don’t feel anything.”

“Perhaps if you just turned around…”

“I still would see nothing.”

“Maybe you don’t turn because you really do know he’s there. You don’t to face him.”

“You think I am afraid? How naïve a thought.”

“Then turn.”

“I will turn to prove you a point.”



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