Novus Vitae

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An in depth view of us

Submitted: October 16, 2016

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Submitted: October 16, 2016




Why do we gaze at the stars? Maybe we feel that our place is amongst them. Being one with everything that surrounds you. Maybe it is our desire for something much greater than ourselves.We extend our hand,hoping that this time our desire may be fulfilled,but our desires will never be truly satisfied. It is this desire that makes us human,that makes us who we are.Why do we find ourselves reaching out for things that have no place being in our possession?

Our desires come in many shapes and sizes,but it would be impossible to wrap your head around them all.They are infinite.They are the ones that give us purpose,meaning. How would our lives look like if we lost all hopes,dreams,ambitions? We would have nothing to strive for,nothing to satisfy our soul. It is something too horrible for me to imagine. I think that nobody should have to go through such a thing.The emptiness that comes with it is like a chasm that is deep and dark,maybe even a void that takes all that you are and sends you into nothingness.

However,it is true that we come from nothing and are going in the same direction from which we came,but still,it is nice to think that we have a higher meaning,a reason for being here. It is hard to think that we are nothing more than the result of chance,a cosmic gamble,without rhyme or reason.The essence of our very nature dictates that we find something,something that we think is meant for us,and only us.I wish I knew what that was,how it looked like,but most importantly,if I would ever find such a thing

Most people see God as their higher meaning,purpose.Serving someone much greater than themselves.But I think to myself that all gods(there have been many over the years) have been made to be just like us.They are our reflections.They look like us,talk like us,think like us,but most importantly,are the slaves of their own whims and desires,just like us.Maybe it is we that are the gods,but just can't see this yet,but being a god does not come cheap. Actions that seem to escape our control are hard to justify.Why do we fall sick,grow old,feel pain when our loved ones are gone or end up in a grave ourselves?

 But still,how can this be? Gods cannot die,they are meant to rule for all eternity.Their glorious eyes shall one day see the end of the world,the universe losing all life,becoming cold and dark.In truth,do they even want to see this? All that was,vanished. Nothing to look forward to,for there is no future ahead of us. Ah,the future.What a splendid moment.It is a moment we prepare ourselves our whole lives,but in the end,we realize,it has gone away. It passed us so softly,unspoken,that we failed to notice it. We missed the future.

This is a hard truth for anybody worth their salt. Why,oh why,do we do this to ourselves? Always staring at the horizon,but not taking a moment to see that the future is already here.Unlike our concept of an immortal watcher,our time is finite. Time was never on our side,but such is the way of things. Immortality cannot be found in nature,and we are products of nature. Why try and fight what we are? Because we want more. More time,more money,more things. In our search for peace,we end up fighting an unwinnable war. Gods of war,that is what we are. The restlessness of our souls cannot be calmed,the unquenchable thirst for glory and supremacy amongst our peers divides us.

Once you reach what you see as the top,you will find nothing there,the loneliest place you could find yourself in.Was it worth the trouble of getting there? Some might say yes. The illusion of immortality sets in,but no story is so great that it can echo through eternity,not even the stories of gods. Maybe it was meant to be this way.Nothingness is the reward to all that journey through life. I go without fear,knowing that no harm can come to my soul. The prison that is flesh and blood is temporary,and my essence will be released once I have had my fill of life. Such a contrast...sufficient life leads to death.We see ourselves as masters of our destiny,but how much control do we truly have? Just like a skilled sailor,we can control the direction in which we are heading,but not the tides that we have to face.

I guess all that we can control is how we shape the reality that surrounds us,but I think this is just a loop,for the reality that we make for ourselves turns out to affect us profoundly in return.What you see is what you get has never been truer.Conciousness is what gives us our divine spark,the object of our godly power.Is this not what being a god is actually about?

To be able to create,and never finding two identical worlds,or realities.I was never one to believe that we are all the same.How can you be the same when you are actually worlds apart?

With our ability to create also comes the ability to destroy.We triumph over our instinct of preservation and walk down a path of misery,of ruthlessness towards ourselves and others."God has given,and He has taken away" is actually a human form that has been given a divine property.For all the harm that we have done and we will do,there is only ourselves to blame.The world brings out what may be found in any man,but it does not affect us in the same way.We are the masters of our reality,and it is we that solely control what may or may not come out of us.

To be truly divine is to shape yourself,become an avatar of what is most dear to you. Hate,fear and rage may become you just as easily as kindness,openness or solidarity. There are still many things that we may not understand,but the tiny thread of our life is finite. There is no such thing as too much or not enough time,it is what it is. You get what is meant for you.

Although we may not be able to see where we are heading,by aspiring to become an embodiment of what is closer to us,we may pass through life on our own terms and conditions,not as some soulless sacks of meat that have no aim. 

Nothing is given,everything must be observed and analyzed.We make what we will out of all things,our perception is the only thing that can make or break us.Even though I have not seen the end of the road,I pick something up from here and there,but not too much...I would not like to get encumbered so much so as to see myself at a standstill.There is only so much the shoulders of a man can bear.


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