Jump Off, Let Go

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Life is too short not to tell someone how you feel, or to be with the person that makes you happy

Submitted: October 16, 2016

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Submitted: October 16, 2016



When I inhale, it is you I breathe.
When I open my eyes, it is you I see.
When I listen, it’s your voice I hear.

Your delicate smile wraps its arms around my days.
Days that have grown long and cold, in wait.
But I will wait, forever if it takes.

I search your eyes for understanding, 
For the chance you say you are too weak to give.
But I will be strong for both of us
Because it is for you I live.

People talk, you know, tell me I should give up.
Sometimes I feel as if I should give in.
But it is those people, whom never have felt this love.

Hurting me is your fear,
But for me it is your excuse.
As humans we are all scared, 
But we are also all born to love.

I know sometime in this messed up existence of ours, you got hurt.
I know someone took your heart and you only halfway got it back.
I know when you wake up in the morning it sometimes hurts to breathe.
I know this because it is what you are doing to me.

I can’t promise you perfection.
I can’t promise a life of ease.
All I ask is for one chance, please.

I don’t expect you to give it all.
I don’t expect even a call.

I just want this one thing for you to know.
I will always love you and never let go.


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