Say Goodbye

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Love Struck
The doctor give Laurence and Dimitri the choice to let Trixi continue suffering or take her off life support. What will this choose? What will happen to Trixi?

Submitted: October 16, 2016

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Submitted: October 16, 2016



Oh no I know that look I was given the same look when Trixi and her parents were in the hospital. Trust me that looks never good.

"I have done everything I can but it seems the poison spread quickly and the treatment has not shown any promise of working" the doctor say

Both Dimitri and I just look down trying to hide the tears in our eyes. I came back for her but now I might lose her. I can't believe this I won't get to tell her how I feel. Ill never get to tell her why I left or what happened. Trixis gone...

"But she is still fighting for her life in there, although at this point there seems to be no hope. I'm sorry boys."
The doctor say sadly

Two days go by and Trixi is still unconscious. The doctor comes and goes throughout the day and the officer stays at the house well the other police are investigating what has happened.  Dimitri has been staying at the house 24/7 but I have gone home to visit my parents twice.

"Laurance do you think she'll be okay" Dimitri says well trying not to cry.

"We have to hope for the best at times like these. Now come on Dimitri get some rest you've barley slept" I try comforting him but he still has trouble sleeping and continues to toss and turn.

The next morning when the doctor returns he asked up the most important question of our lives.

"At this point there isn't really a chance she will survive so its up to you to take her off life support or let her continue to suffer" the doctor say without even a small hint of sadness.

After hours of talking we decide it time I say goodbye to Trixi and take her off life support... 

"Doctor you may unplug the machine now thank you for trying." I say this well trying not to cry.

"Very well follow me to say your goodbyes" he say before disappearing into the room.

We walk in to see Trixi lying on her bed unconscious and hooked to the life support machine.

I'm sorry I could do anything and I left you Trixi. But I was scared to hurt you. But I see now I made a mistake I'm sorry Trixi but I will miss you goodbye" I say this before bursting into tears and leaving the room. 

I can still hear the doctor and Dimitri talking in the room. After Dimitri is finished with his goodbyes the doctor announces life support is off. Then I long beep fills the house t Trixi is gone.

Within 10 minutes later the doctor had emptied the room of his equipment and was calling to get her body removed from the house. Before he could call we all heard something no one was expecting. 

"D.....Dimitri are you here still?" Trixis voice barley reaches us before Dimitri and I bolt to the room as fast as we can.

The biggest surprise of our lives was sitting there waiting for us. Trixi was sitting up in bed smiling as we ran up and hugged her.

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