a true love story

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

are you bored, of the run of your mill love story? you know boy meets girl, they fall in love and ride off into the sunset. well then, this book is for you! no rose petals, no poetic love but simply a true reflection of modern day love.

Table of Contents

Lost Club

Miles Matthews, sipped his corona. The music faded all around him. He took another sip. Finally, as per usual a woman, would appear out o... Read Chapter

Lovers Ghost

  Lover’s Ghost   Miles had never been so cooked in his life. He felt depressed. Zoned out. If it wasn’t, for h... Read Chapter

Social Turmoil

Social Turmoil   A thumb scrolling through a Facebook feed. Flicking through applications like a mad man on the loose. He wa... Read Chapter

Player meets Geek

Player meets Geek   “Hello?” “Yeah uh, is this Miles?” “Depends who is asking I suppose!” “Alex.... Read Chapter

Roses are Red

Rose’s are red   Amelia, found herself, surrounded by rose petals. She was perplexed, confused and hormonal all at the sam... Read Chapter

Bad boys are blue

Bad Boy’s are Blue    Miles was intrigued. He knew exactly, whose friend request, he accepted. He scrolled up and dow... Read Chapter

Ashley Anxiety

Ashley Anxiety   She was stark naked on the bathroom floor. She also failed to hear the knocking on the door. Her anxious mi... Read Chapter

Blurred Vision

  Blurred Vision    The IV drip was seen through blood shot eyes. She was in a fuck my life type of mood. Afte... Read Chapter

Miles' Method

Miles’ Method   The binary coding lit up in green on multiple screens. Miles felt as though had entered another world. He ... Read Chapter

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous   Ashley couldn’t believe she was here. Of all the places, in the world, a rehabilitation center for ... Read Chapter

Bad Vibes

Keep an open mind. Read this chapter at your own pace. Read Chapter

Good Vibes

Good Vibes   It was always, the same environment, at Metropolis Fremantle. Young kids arriving on the scene completely fearl... Read Chapter

Amelia's Uber

Amelia’s Uber   Amelia’s eye’s, were scrolling through, her Facebook newsfeed. It was 11pm on a Saturday. Everyone was... Read Chapter

Conflict Club

Conflict Club   Miles was busy, chatting up an English bird, whose name escaped him as she walked in. It was Amelia. The one... Read Chapter

Soulful Resurrection

Soulful Resurrection   It laid dormant, deep down, below the surface inside him. His soul had been corrupted, by all of the ... Read Chapter


  Tinder   Alex found himself, on Sunday night, on Tinder. Miles had suggested he get it. He was of course skeptica... Read Chapter

Match made in purgatory

Match made in Purgatory   It was in the love pit. Somewhere, between heaven and hell. You may as well have, called it, roman... Read Chapter

Disaster Date

 Disaster Date   Her name was Bethany. Her tinder profile described her as a gym fanatic. Alex didn’t know what he wa... Read Chapter


Catharsis   A relief from adolescent trauma. It had been pent up for a number of years. Alex had no clue that it had crept u... Read Chapter

Pills and Potions

Pills and Potions   Miles met Alex at Tiger Lills. It was a bar. Like any other bar it had alcohol, people on drugs and more... Read Chapter

Stuck in the middle

Stuck in the Middle   Amelia found herself out again. Alone again. Drinking a Smirnoff standing in the outside smoking alley... Read Chapter

Alex's Ace

Alex’s Ace   “How’d your night go Alex?” “Yeah it was pretty lit Miles!” “Did you just use lit?” ... Read Chapter

Bubble Tea Banter

Bubble Tea Banter   It was a standard Sunday. Half the day was wasted in a hung-over state. The other half was simply two du... Read Chapter


Angels   Two instafamous girls went around Perth. They were the desire of every man’s heart. They shared everything togeth... Read Chapter


Demons   Miles and Alex had been staring at the bottle of Absolute Vodka for at least 2 minutes. They were using a hotel roo... Read Chapter

Angels meet Demons

Angels meet Demons   Matisse Beach club was a comfortable pool bar environment. It was located, in the hotel district, right... Read Chapter

Two girl stand

Two girl stand The trance was playing contributing towards the drunk atmospheric lust which surrounded Miles and Alex. After the last... Read Chapter

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