What You Left

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For George

Submitted: October 17, 2016

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Submitted: October 17, 2016




What You Left


If I close my eyes I can still see

The envelope with my name in

Spindly black ink

Inside cash neatly folded

A note with three words

"For driving lessons"

This is what you left for me


They hoped you were getting better

The day before you laughed at something

A joke someone told

You got out of bed before dinner

You had not spoken her name

For almost one week

They thought in time you would get over her forget her



That morning you wore your

Favourite sweater

The one with blue and white patterns

At breakfast you managed half a piece of toast

And fed the rest to Goldie

You smiled at me

Apologising for not eating more



Later that evening I peered round your door

I brought your book you left downstairs

You lay on your neatly made bed

Pills scattered across your pillows

Your hand clutching a silver chain

The one you gave her

The one she always wore



The wind through your open window blew

My envelope from your chest of drawers

Where you placed

Your watch your ring a photo of us all

Taken last summer

You standing so close clinging to her arm

As though you knew



A folded note lay next to your untouched tea

I picked it up and read aloud

"I'm sorry. I can't live without her."

I looked at you

So still on your bed

I wanted to shake you awake

Shout that you had no right to leave me



Do you know how much it means

That even in your darkest times

Even as I watched you falling apart

Not knowing how to put you together

Unable to reach you

To pull you back from the abyss

You remembered me and my dreams


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