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They keep me locked up. How did I get here? What do they want with me?

Submitted: October 17, 2016

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Submitted: October 17, 2016



We are the incarcerated. They keep us here. I don't know why. The prison cells are large. I am sure our captors would call it spacious. I’m sure they insist they treat us very decently. But we are still trapped. A gilded cage is still a cage, is it not?

Nobody knows why we are being kept here. Why are we being punished? What was my crime? I could not recall committing an act that would see me put in this place. But then recently my memories of my life before my incarceration are growing hazy. I know I have a family and a home out there somewhere but I can't see their faces or picture the place I once lived.


We are fed three times a day. The guards push bowls of food though the slot on the cell door. The food is just about edible and I am I’m sure it’s nutritious but it’s not the fresh cuisine I used to enjoy.


Every day they allow a few of us exercise together in the small outside recreation area. We are all subdued and half the people we once were. We occupy our time in the area as best we can. The recreation area has one wall made of glass. Our captors observe from the other side. They gather and stare. They watch us. Are they studying us? What do they want? Maybe they're testing us. If we pass the test do we win our freedom. I can't recall what freedom feels like.


Nobody ever makes it out. You never hear of an inmate being released. Sometimes they are transferred to another prison. Apart from that the only way out is to die. Nobody here has a release date. We are here. We exist, we do not live. This is surviving.


This morning when I arrive at the recreation area I notice one of my friends is unwell. The guards come in to treat him. They stick all kinds of syringes in him. They leave a few minutes later. I see that one of the guards has left the door open. I charge towards it. I crash through the door and out the other side. I am in a long corridor. The guards shout and shriek all around me. I can see a doorway. Daylight and freedom lies beyond. I run towards it. The automatic  doors slide open. I am free. There is a cracking sound. Something hits me in the neck. I don’t feel well. I feel dizzy. I slump to the floor. The last thing I see before everything goes black is the sign over the door.


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