Karmic Change For Better

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Followed ever travel for the biggest tribute of your life. May this fulfill this life's greatest treasure like a mentor in need of a scholar in time again. God gave me this second chance to do a impression I may never undo its steps again. Let this reaffirm the kindness of the Supreme foundation of life. :)

Submitted: October 17, 2016

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Submitted: October 17, 2016



If Almighty gifted this life for an uncommon story from His sweetest home,

I redraw this supreme fountain of well being in my duty I do here for daily bread,

This cherished possession of faith in God's love unconditionally make this very day so happy to be loved ever,

A feeling of importance in my devotion here refresh this spirit I live where Work is God,

If our Sun completely encircle its rays of light envisioned in a source where God is Love,

Branching earnest share of one energy radiant on the blessing we make the life of all our contribution on Earth,

Like an expression of my spirit refreshed in this body yet keep changing for close understanding within my mind,

I hold my days here for its lifeline lively lighting a candle made of the life a hope from the deepest gratitude of my heart,

Towards the footprints from where we will be as we plough the land from where we are for our crafts honor this teachers assistance,

Being wrapped myself in this salt of our Earth I succeed these times in peace with all relationship I have materialistically made here for all my lifes hardwork,

All offering so humble in this existence tribute those kinds who ever lived here gave us this day to be the glory of the entire human story on this Earth,

Some reasons printed on this grain I consume everyday nourish the stems of the food chain drafted stretching its roots on the universal owner of our creation,

Away from a gesture way beyond this choice of my shelther at night I carve narrating this fullest description in a image like a cave of my minds understanding seeking the desire to deserve freedom of ultimate enlightment join our days here in the karmic change for better global village where we live today,

In this cowebs of expedite knowledge I seek a path kindly let down a journey compiling my teachers wishes for this unique stepping stone of God's creation in time,

Here giving away selflessness from being unearthened to the spirit within compile every moment glad to be alive,

Where every note make us rich within as we rise in the love of friendship and togetherness,

Here friendship I seek leave my heart for the time grace of heaven on Earth at home will be blessed in a life that started so much in this blessing,

Away where this has a joy I feel we are living this day of a request one soul in time made a request for this service as your mission for making duty as the karmic right with the owner of my life,

When you voice a message more important than your life,

Your heart feels packed up a trillion stars rising on every pulse within,

In its inner self an angel lives for the passion of Christ for all you wanted for your family,

Touching one heart deep within this person for an answer without question,

Guided following your gestures this universe leave behind in our mind of one spirit,

When I edit its letter this truth behind one word in time,

Say our teacher loved one unique request for an incredible life mission with clarity,

In your home when you return after the longest walk from everyday work,

As long as time has an always growing event behind its background,

Like your simple life where loved oneness create a shadow of falling grains in the sky cafe,

A supreme craftsmen all of humble form before God care peace at heart for this soulful footprint in the vaccum of the entire universe,

This inner light of soul seed time in its entire journey forever I devote my mind when our limits give us this special life giving strength,

May one word we light here be more than pure true love,

Here my source assimilate a body of infinite countless incarnation into wildest dream series of lifes journey,

Every falling energy from Sun's rays collect in time on the shore of our Earth living ecosystem,

Rise above a drama catching its fire on those branches of this source from our food chain,

When your time spills its greeting on the thanksgiving everyone connect for some service in the act of our existence here,

If you link time as the currency I spent here,

And space as the lesiure on the suite I wear every times ever lived,

In this review on my existence I connect a mind so glad from this invaluable treasure of all deeds,

When I rinse this Earth with my duty I do for living here,

Everyday routine against the mountain I climb for serving this lifes journey let me know your love on its menu making life simple daily,

A traveller in time stayed on this retreat for one alignment of God I am loving yet strong in all aspects of life,

In complete trust that we heal our past from unconditional love recieve thoughts or emotion from an unknown spark being alert in the signs God showed you along with this timeless offering,

His home in this freewill experience a close circle interlinked from this birth that dissolve into the nothingness that is above from all acceptance of the journey ahead,

As this angel gaveaway each passing day once again in a meeting you drive this awareness even in the smallest things you do daily,

For that biggest reward I take a step forward from all stages of my life your fullest learning never ends,

I asked this messenger for a change we all seek with faith in the divine creator do what you love put into practice your nurturing service for its larger purpose to the world where we live,

May your illuminating loving assistance will work for helping anyone asking your innate intent consciously or unconsciously in a deep convinction I have narrated this extraordinary event more than an ordinary manifestation now or later in affirmation with one ultimate truth for every situation in my life I believe that now onwards we need to work together immediately changing for better is the only reason radiant on your loyalty for the supreme oneness of this universal spirit let you accomplish the entire planet in karmic process constantly flowing yet watchful in the collective daily life and resources bringing peace you think, speak or do for an expanding sense of love and compassion within you ?

I have asked only an answer without question we angels who spent time in our life purpose give guidance and supreme health in the wellbeing of our Earths living ecosystem,

As your heart open to listen starting having a message within you for this growing awareness,

I wish may this tiny part of our universe where we live power to contribute the best ever excellence for highest good and greatest joy for all.

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