Far Away Cities

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Submitted: October 17, 2016

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Submitted: October 17, 2016



I found myself standing horizontally, back pressed to blades of green that bend to my touch. And I’m staring at a black mass of city lights flickering from an ancient civilization that had been pondered for centuries. And I inhale a sharp breath at the magnificent view. Crickets had been playing their symphony since the sun decided to return to its slumber under the western hills. And my small town is tucked away into the valleys of the foreign island floating in the Pacific.

I blinked again, hoping that a native being from those far away cities would spot me peeping through their windows. I’m only a mere light years away, so you’d think that communication would be accessible. Alas, it’s only me in this moment. No hidden villages of people peering through my windows. I’m sad, because it’s always only me.

Suddenly, a face comes into view. Not a strange green toned monster that I hoped for, but an alien in a similar shade as me. I sigh, for his approach was so uncertain and unplanned that I had jolted from my fur wall only an inch. The evasive boy held out a hand, a generous gesture, hoping that I’d join him as he retreated to his dwelling. I didn’t want to surrender to my living corridors. I wanted to be out in the open where all could see my wide-eyed stares and maybe, just maybe, I’d discover a theory only the most intelligent would dream of. But, I smirked, and took his offering as he pulled me to a proper stand. With a twist of my heel, we headed up the small incline where our homes were placed. I looked behind us only for a moment to wink at the invisible person staring down from those lights in the sky. Maybe somebody would see me. Maybe.

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