A Letter For Writers

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Let's write, shall we?

Submitted: October 17, 2016

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Submitted: October 17, 2016



"Positively horrible." What an oxymoron it is that truly portraits how viciously alluring it seems. The writing. Word after word, sentence after sentence. Each one having an endless world of its own. Horrible process, very. But the twistingly simple sound of the revealing and undying truth that these sentences carry is utterly gracious. A word by itself can be heavy. A sentence even more. A full paraghraph can make you feel as if an elephant was tiptoeing in your brain and chest.

The long process of riveting ideas that swim through our blood, our veins and move the fingers that create the stories of our bewildered minds, is tiresome. Nevertheless the reward is the satisfaction of knowing that we've squished our brains like lemons to pour out the best of our ideas into a single thing. A story, a poem, a fact, a memoir, a thought. Righteous as it might seem, writing is positivley and absolutly crippling. It is writing nonetheless which makes our world spin and the sun, set. Literacy, indeed.



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