The Kabuki Dancer

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Part One: The Miko - Chapter 10

Submitted: October 29, 2016

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Submitted: October 29, 2016



As I ran through the streets of Izumo, my tears blinded my eyes.  I could only see little globes of light, and the roaring of the blood in my ears blinded me to the sounds of the people around me, getting ready for the joyous festival that was about to take place. 

I stormed into the Nakamuras’ home, kicking my sandals aside, making angry thuds as they hit the tatami.  I was glad no one was home, as it appeared Nakamura-sama was still working at the forge, and Nakamura-san was still visiting relatives.  I stormed into the room that Okuni and I had shared and flung myself down on the futon with a heavy thud.

I lay that way for quite some time before I heard a knock on the screen to the room.  I sat up, yelling, “If that’s you, Hana, go away!”  In response the screen slid aside, revealing not Hana on the other side, but Okuni.  She had in her hands the shamisen I had left back at the hall.  She wore her regular white haori and red hakama, which were the same as mine, but decked out with little bells.  I gave a snort of exasperation and turned on the futon to look the other way at the wooden wall.“What do you want?” I asked angrily.

Okuni entered the room and set the shamisen on the floor nearby.  “You left in such a hurry, you left this behind.  Hana-chan was going to bring it back, but I said I would do so,” she replied softly.  I harrumphed and muttered, “Thank you, now leave.”  I heard the screen door slide, but Okuni did not move.  I turned around and found her looking at me on the bed, a sad expression on her face.  “Why are you so angry, Umi-chan?” she asked softly.

I sat up and looked at her, my face wet with tears.  “Why am I so angry, Okuni-chan?  Why?” I stated, my voice growing louder.  “I’m angry for so many reasons.  I’m angry for the fact that I can’t play well.  I am angry that Kumiko has been holding me hostage for so many months doing chores and errands for her that don’t really need to be done.” Okuni’s eyebrows rose as I said this.  “But more importantly, Okuni-chan,” I blurted, breathless from what I had just said, “I am upset that you are a miko now.” 

Okuni came and sat beside me on the futon.  Her scent filled my nose.  “Why?” she asked me.  I looked at her and reached out to touch a strand of her ebony hair.She flinched a bit, but let me do so.  “Because,” I said, “I love you, Okuni-chan.”  Okuni smiled at me and took my hand, saying, “I love you too, Umi-chan.”  My heart pattered faster, and I breathlessly replied, “You do?” She smiled and embraced me, saying, “Of course, Umi-chan.  We will always be sisters.” 

I grimaced and placed my hands on her shoulders, pushing her back to stare into her face.  “That’s not what I mean, Okuni-chan,” I said sternly.  She looked at me quizzically, asking, “What do you mean Umi-chan?” I pulled up close to her and wrapped my hand into her thick black hair, pulling it back from her skin.  “I mean as one would love a man,” I whispered, and before Okuni could respond, I pressed my soft lips against hers. 

I felt Okuni stiffen, and then pull back from me, her hand pressed to her lips.She regarded me with wide eyes, and I could feel my heart sink.  Then she dropped her hand, and looked me in the eye, saying, “I’ve known.”  I fell back in shock, saying, “You have?”  Okuni downcast her eyes, saying softly, “I always felt there was more to our friendship, Umi-chan.  It’s just I don’t know what it would be like for two women to love each other.  I am not even sure they can.”  I took her hand in mine and pulled her to me.  “Then let me show you,” I murmured, and pressed my lips to hers once again.  This time, her lips were yielding, and I pulled her onto the futon with me.

As our kiss grew longer and our tongues entwined, I brushed my hand through her ebony hair.  Our breaths grew ragged, as I felt a desire welling up within me that had been contained for a long time.  Forgetting the world outside, I kissed down her neck, then moved back up to nibble on the lobe of her ear.  I felt her shudder and mew with the pleasure.My hands traveled up her slender waist, feeling the shape of her body through the fabric of her hakama and haori.  My hands found the fastening and ties of her haori, and I pulled the white fabric from her shoulders.

A pair of small breasts, with pink rosebud tips, quivered in front of me.  I stroked one delicately; causing the tip to harden against my touch, and Okuni arched back, gasping.  I took the one breast in my hand and began to rub and tease the nipple, while with my mouth I attached myself to her other breast, teasing with my tongue and pulling with my teeth.  When I bit down gently, Okuni gasped. 

After I had played with her breasts, I turned her around with her back to me.  I clutched her to my body, running my hands over her bare back before I let my hand slip beneath her hakama trousers.  She arched her back, breathing hard as my fingers slid down the smooth expanse of her stomach and found the sacred garden between her thighs.  I kissed her neck as I let my fingers enter her sacred place, causing her to moan and cry out.  I untied the hakama trousers and pushed them down her thighs.I whispered in her ear, “Lie down.”  As she did so and removed the hakama, I took off my haori and hakama as well.  Crawling between her trembling legs, naked, I spread her thighs and taking my tongue dragged it along the expanse of her sweaty skin, making her shudder with pleasure.  I looked her in the eyes, and she looked back, gasping, “Do what you will, Umi-chan.”

I took my tongue and licked the soft velvety lips between her thighs.I tasted sweet honey as I used my own lips to delve deeper into her sacred garden, until I found the center and teased that pearl with my soft tongue. Okuni squirmed and cried, sweat glistening her skin.I kept teasing her until I felt a hot river flow and her body quiver tightly, then fall back.  I sat up and kissed her deeply, sharing the fruit of my labors with her.  She sat back and smiled sweetly, saying, “And now it’s your turn.” 

She delved between my thighs and my mind ascended to places I never knew it could.I moved my hips in time with her undulations as she kissed my sacred place.I murmured, “Softer, my love.”  Okuni’s tongue slowed her entry, and took her time as my body reached a state of perfect orgasm.I felt the release as my garden expelled its sweet scent, and then Okuni came up and shared with me as I had with her.

We then lay in each other’s arms, until her fingers found my sacred space again.  Mine found hers, and together we climaxed again.Spent, I wound my fingers through her hair and kissed her again, happy and surprised that my dreams had come true and now Okuni was in my arms.  She looked at me drowsily with a smile and said, “Well, no one would believe this if we told them.”  I nodded, saying, “I know we must keep this secret.”  She nodded and her finger traced one of my darker colored nipples as she said, “We must at that.  After all,” she giggled, kissing me again, “I am a miko and am held to a high level of purity.”  I pressed her against my body, saying, “Well speaking of purity, we must get you ready.  I do believe you have a festival to attend, and I would hate for you to be late.” 

Okuni smiled and stood up, her dimpled bottom swinging as she made her way to the door.  She looked back and said, “Will you join me in the bath?”  I nodded, and she left the room.I leaned back on the futon, and kissed the space where she had just been, thinking how my life could not get any better.I had the one I was destined to be with, and no one was going to take that from me. 


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