The Kabuki Dancer

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Part One: The Miko - Chapter 12

Submitted: October 30, 2016

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Submitted: October 30, 2016



As I was pulled through the streets of Izumo, followed by the guards of Kurosami, I was bumped and jostled.  The heat was oppressive, as it was midday in the middle of August, and my sweat ran in little rivers on my body, to blend with the offal that was contained within the straw and making me choke with the fumes.

I peered through the bars at the surrounding buildings, watching as people moved to and fro, preparing for the Festival that would take place tonight.  Lanterns hung from bamboo stalks of every color of the rainbow, to be lit once darkness took hold of the city of Izumo.  Children laughed and played as parents smiled fondly at them.  A choking sob racked my breast, thinking of how tonight I would have loved to be at the Shrine, to watch Okuni slip into the garb of Orihime and dance as beautiful and gracefully as a goddess might.

We eventually pulled up the gates of what was obviously the home of a lower noble.  Although not as big as one of the full ranking daimyo, it was still quite full of splendor.  The cart stopped at the door, and Kumiko descended from the seat of the cart, aided by one of her father’s samurai.  She minced towards the cage, and shot a dagger glance between the bars at me.I returned it as best as I could through tear filled swollen eyes. 

Kumiko tapped the bars, saying, “Now we shall see what happens to an eta who steps outside of her place.  I am very much looking forward to seeing what happens when you are presented before Priestess Jitsuko tomorrow.  I highly doubt mercy will be on her mind, as Okuni has proven herself a capable dancer and is one of her favorites among the miko.So think about what will happen to you tomorrow, I want you to be fearful.”  I turned to her and mustered enough strength to spit at her.  The gob of clear liquid caught her sleeve, and she looked at it angrily.“It will take forever to get the taste of eta out of this fabric,” she growled.  Swirling around in a tornado of silk, she strode into the home, followed by two guards.

The door to the cage was yanked open and two men entered, grabbing my arms and pulling me roughly from the cart.I struggled weakly, but they were too strong for me to fight.  I found my arms pinned to my sides as Kurosami descended, huffing as his hefty form hit the ground.  I twisted in the grips of my tormenters, and was rewarded by being slammed against the side of the cart.  My head cracked against it, and I saw stars before falling to my knees before Kurosami.  He wound his fingers through my hair and pulled me up by it.  Every strand burned within my scalp, and I clawed at his hands desperate to be free.

As he held me up, he leaned forward and whispered in my ear.“My daughter shocked me when she told me the tale of an apprentice miko who lusted after others,” he growled.  “It is a pleasant surprise that the apprentice of which she spoke also is the eta whore who would not submit to my whims. “  He stuck out his tongue and dragged it loosely across my cheek, leaving a trail of slimy spit and foul breath.  He let my hair go and I crashed into the ground.  He leaned over and said, “Now I shall share with you what I did to your sister many years ago.” I looked at him from the ground and said, “You will never be able to satisfy me, little man.”  His eyes flashed and he backhanded me across the face.  As I spit the blood from my mouth, he crooked his finger and ordered his guards, “Bring her.” 

I was hauled to my feet and dragged across the doorway into an abandoned courtyard.  I was not dragged towards the main house, but towards a small row of buildings to the left.  I was led down a series of stairs to a stone cell, not furnished but for a few small torches bearing little light in the wall.A small pile of straw decorated one corner, and a tiny bucket in the other.I was cast roughly onto the pile of straw, but not before the men carrying me divested me of my bloody and dirty linen shift, casting it aside in a corner.I clutched one arm around my breasts and another between my thighs, protecting my sacred garden that only Okuni should have access to. 

Kurosami turned to a box that was sitting on a spare table outside of the cell.  Opening it, he looked inside and back at myself in the cell.  I cowered as he grinned and reached inside.  He withdrew his hand to show he held a giant jade phallus in his hand.  It gleamed wickedly in the light, and he pointed the tip at me suggestively.  The breath left my body as he ordered to the two guards, “Hold her down.”

The guards flung themselves at me as I shrieked in dismay.Both of them grabbed a hand and forced my arms behind my head, exposing myself to Kurosami’s sick gaze.  I wiggled and cried, but the guards held my arms tight and pressed my legs wide open with their knees, making sure I was kneeling and my sacred garden was spread open.  I screamed as I saw Kurosami come closer with the jade object and shuddered as he ran the cold tip down my inner thigh.  Then he grinned wickedly at me and said, “Now you shall know what it is like to have a man in you.”  And without further talk, he shoved the jade object forcefully into my sacred garden.

My eyes rolled back into my head as I screamed loud and hard as my inner walls were breached.One of the guards hit me across the face, and I saw stars.My body convulsed as I felt the object move back and forth inside me.  Tears rolled down my eyes, realizing that I was being damaged, and that no woman, certainly Okuni, would ever want me again.  Soon my cries became muffled sobs and pleas for mercy, until the offending object, slick with bodily fluid and blood, was withdrawn by Kurosami, and tossed aside.  He stood looking down at my ruined body, my head lolling to the side.  He slapped me again, brining me from my daze back to the moment.  He then acknowledged the guards, saying, “You know what to do now.”  He then turned, leaving the guards to do with me as they would.

I do not remember much of my abuse at the hands of the guards, only that the pain between my thighs was so intense, it burned like the fires of hell.  When I became too unresponsive, the guard who was having his way with me would pull my hair, making me twitch.  I was first subject to the hands of one guard, before the other had his way with me.They both held me as their companion ravished me.  I felt tongues, hands, and eyes caress me harshly, and I lost myself in the awful smells of harsh physical sex, not tenderness and loving.

After what seemed like forever, the two guards finished with me.  Like a rag doll I flopped to the floor, and they kicked me before leaving my cell.  I whimpered softly as my fingers went to my sacred garden and were withdrawn covered in blood and the shattered remains of my maidenhead.My hands trembled as I reached out for the linen shift, and dirty as it was did my best to wrap my wounds and staunch the bleeding.  I then laid back on the straw, moaning softly and tears leaking from my eyes.  Outside, I heard the fireworks of the Tanabata festival, and could see distant lights break across the sky through the small window of the cell.I sobbed all the harder, thinking of Okuni dancing underneath the bright stars, and me all alone by myself in the dark.

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