The Kabuki Dancer

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Chapter 3 (v.2) - Part One: The Miko - Chapter 2

Submitted: October 17, 2016

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Submitted: October 17, 2016



The next day, I went along with Miyuri and Mother to the market to find some fabric to use for Miyuri’s wedding dress.It was the first time that I saw Mother so happy.  She told everyone she was excited for her daughter.Although personally, I thought she was happier at the prospect of Miyuri leaving the house and of her and Father having just one mouth to feed.

We stopped at a small stall where a vendor was selling many different colored silks.  Miyuri and Mother started sorting through the fabric, while I stood off to the side bored.  Miyuri ran her hands contentedly through the white fabric of one bolt, saying, “I feel this is the one, Mother.”Mother nodded her approval and turned to the vendor to haggle the price of the fabric.As they spoke, I turned and saw a small kiosk with masks.Not thinking and feeling neglected, I walked over to the kiosk and picked a small blue butterfly mask up.

Suddenly, strong hands grabbed me from behind.  I barely had time to utter a shriek before I was dragged off the street.  Whoever was holding me carried me off into a back room, and then forcibly tore the indigo kimono I wore from my shoulders, leaving me standing in my sheer white under robe.Shocked at the indecency, I clutched the thin fabric to my body.Then I heard a snort of laughter and turned to face Kurosami, accompanied by two large men.  The three of them wore loose fitting robes of brown and the two goons each held a sword. 

I backed up against the wall, my breath coming fast.“If you so much as touch me, you pig,” I spat at Kurosami, “I will scream and bring people running.”  Kurosami l burst into a loud laugh, joined by his men.  “There is no way anyone will hear you little one.  You are mine now,” he growled.  “And even if anyone did hear you,” he chuckled, “They would not care about a little eta girl.”  Laughing he undid the ties of his robe and tossed it away, revealing a flabby hairy body that made a flood of bile come up into my mouth.From between his legs, a short snake stood out, as if ready to attack.He moved forward.

Suddenly the door to the room swung open with a loud crash.Standing in the doorway was Miyuri, disheveled and covered in dust.  In her hand she clutched a rake, raised to attack.  As she walked in, she saw me cowering in my white under kimono and her future husband to be standing naked in the corner.She observed everything with a fire in her eyes, and then let out a scream of rage which she directed at the naked man in front of her.

“You sick bastard!” she screamed.“You would rape my own sister!”  Kurosami held up his hands in mock apology, saying, “It is not my fault my love.She seduced me.” My mouth fell open in shock.  Miyuri did not believe him. “Like I would believe she would have anything to do with a pathetic man like you,” she spat.“With a short staff like that,” she yelled, indicating the snake which had withered between his legs, “I doubt you could even get me pregnant!”  Kurosami’s face became flushed with rage, and he yelled back, “How dare you judge me, you eta whore!”  Miyuri did not pay attention, but dropped the rake and ran to me.  Shakingly, I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and she turned to carry me out. 

But just as she made it to the door, Kurosami grabbed the edge of her kimono and yanked her back.Miyuri yelped and pushed me towards the door.I landed in the doorway, disheveled and dirty, stunned at the drop.From inside I heard Kurosami yell, “I’ll teach you a lesson you won’t soon forget!”It seemed that he had forgotten me in the rage he was now directing towards Miyuri.The doors slammed closed as Miyuri’s voice rose to a wail.I ran to the doors and scratched them desperately, then moved to the windows to find them barred, but open enough to allow me to see what was occurring.

Inside, I saw Miyuri clutched by the two men who were with Kurosami.Kurosami moved forward, and struck Miyuri hard across the face.The force of the blow made her fall to the floor.  I stifled a shriek as a drop of blood fell from her mouth, soiling her brown kimono.She staggered up and spit in his face.He slapped her again, and she sagged to the ground, her knees touching the floor.

I cried silent tears as I watched Kurosami tear open the front of Miyuri’s robe, revealing the white undergarment underneath.Taking a sword from the two men, he cut the fabric away from the top of her body, and two massive breasts fell out.Kurosami then dropped the sword to the ground with a clang and pressed a mouth against one of the dark nipples of her breasts.Miyuri cried out, only to be struck again by one of the two guards.As Kurosami sucked the one nipple, he reached out with his other hand to pinch and fondle the other.  I gagged.

 Kurosami pulled his mouth away, with his teeth tugging on the nipple.He let it go with a slap, spraying a white fluid down her chest, and Miyuri’s head lolled about in a pained daze as he did so. Then he roughly kissed her, and she bit his tongue.He cursed, slapped her again, and then returned to ravaging her.

After doing the same with the other breast, he motioned for the guards to hold Miyuri down.The guards then tore the remnants of the kimono and under robe away from Miyuri’s body, leaving the rest of her body fully exposed and naked.Kurosami stood above her, his snake now once again ready to strike.  “And now, you will get treated like you were meant to,” he growled.Miyuri looked at him with hate and fear in her eyes.She saw me in the window and her eyes filled with tears as he fell on top of Miyuri and entered the cleft between her legs with his snake.

I turned and ran as Miyuri screamed in pain.I must have looked horrifying as I ran through the streets in my dusty white under kimono, crying out, “Someone, please help my sister!”  I suddenly saw Mother, and I ran towards her, crying, “Mother!”  She had just purchased the bolt of fabric and placed it in her straw basket when she turned to me and saw my condition.“Sachiko, what in the world …” she trailed off.“Quick!” I cried.  I grabbed her kimono sleeve and tugged her in the direction of Miyuri.She resisted, saying, “What is wrong with you girl?  Where is your sister?”  I gasped, “Kurosami has her.”All of a sudden, fear crossed her face, and she exclaimed, “No!”  I dashed off, dragging her along.I took her to the building, and Mother threw open the doors.As she beheld what was inside, a cry issued from her throat and she fell to the earth.I came up behind her and saw what was inside.

Miyuri lay gasping on the ground, naked.Teeth marks had appeared on the nipples of her breasts, bruising the skin in nasty purple marks.Her legs were now closed with a trembling hand pressed against her sex, yet a trail of blood and urine ran down her legs and puddled in a mess at her feet.But it was her face that was most horrifying.  The rake had been used to draw three ugly scratches across her face.The open wounds bled, and one eye was now filled with red blood. 

I was stunned, but shocked back into wakefulness when Mother screamed, “Quick!  Go get your father and brother and bring them here with the cart!”  By now, a crowd had gathered and they were observing the whole scene inside impassively, as if it did not involve them.I willed my feet desperately to go get Father and Daisuke, who arrived with the cart.  By that time, Mother had covered up Miyuri with the remnants of her kimono.  With the direction of Father and Daisuke, I helped ease Miyuri into the soft hay, and guided Mother onto the seat of the cart.We left the blood stained room behind.

Upon arrival at the house, I helped Miyuri in and immediately saw to her care and comfort.I bathed her wounds with water, and then applied poultices to them.I gently covered her with a clean linen sheet and stayed by her side, holding her hand and murmuring to her as the days came and went.  Mother was no help, as she lay in her own bed rocking back and forth.  It was at this moment that I and Miyuri lost our childlike innocence, and through this ordeal, began to transition into adult women.

During the month that Miyuri lay recovering from her horrible ordeal, Mother and Father cancelled the marriage to Kurosami.  Even though my parents tried to bring charges against him, he turned the charges against my sister.I knew that he did not mention his lust for me, as the assault of a child would have looked bad in the eyes even of the upper class.  As such, he insisted that he was the one who had been assaulted by the common eta whore, my sister, and as such she should be punished.  However, as a gesture of good faith, he would not kill her.Instead, she would serve out the rest of her days as a member of a brothel in the city of Kyoto. I vowed to myself that if it took the rest of my life, I would pay revenge on that evil man.

I remembered the horrible day they came for Miyuri.She was sitting up in bed, and I was feeding her a watery broth with a small spoon.She grinned at me, and then grimaced as she cracked the wounds on her face.I reprimanded, “Don’t smile, Miyuri.You’ll hurt your pretty face even more.”She looked at me and a tear trickled from her blind eye, now white as an orb, and said, “We know you are the pretty one now, Sachiko.”  Tears blinded me as I took her in my arms and we sobbed together over the horrible experience that Kurosami had put us through.  

Miyuri reached towards the straw bag that I had brought up from the ground floor, and opened it to reveal the length of white fabric that was to have been her wedding dress.She cried copious tears which ran down her face in rivers, the tears making dark moist dots in the fabric.“My dreams have been shattered, Sachiko,” she sobbed.“What is left for me in this life?”  I sat silent, as I honestly could not think of the proper answer to give her.

Suddenly, the door to the front of our home burst open, and I heard the clatter of armor as guards burst into the room below.I heard Father and Daisuke yelling, and Mother shrieking, “You can’t she just got better!”  Miyuri and I clung to each other, trembling, and then a guard’s head appeared.  He didn’t say a word, but grabbed Miyuri by her arms. 

I screamed and cried as they dragged Miyuri from our home.Miyuri was sobbing from fright and her wounds had reopened as a result.A mixture of blood and tears ran down her face and created red lines on the white fabric.  A guard tried to hold me back, but I broke past him and descended from the loft as they carried her bodily out the door.I rushed forward and flung myself onto Miyuri, sobbing uncontrollably.I cried, “Sister, I won’t forget you.”Miyuri smiled through the tears and blood and grasped my hand, then let go as they put her in the barred prison cart, leaving the precious ivory fabric in my hands. 

I fell to my knees and keened as the prison cart carried my beloved sister, my best friend away to whatever fate awaited her in the brothels of Kyoto.  I saw her crying too, the blood and tears turning all of her face red.As they rode off and the dusk turned to a cool night, Father and Daisuke came and took my arms roughly to drag me inside, I resisting the whole time, struggling against them, screaming for Miyuri.They tried to remove the fabric from my hands, but I clung to it tight, my fingers gripping the threads like the claws of an animal.  Finally they put me in the loft and Mother poured a vile tasting concoction down my throat.I choked it down and fell back on the straw bed.I soon passed out, my last thought being of my sister as I slipped into merciful blackness, pressing the ivory fabric against me. 

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