We are all equal

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We as american's need to change our actions fast. Because what we are doing right now is not okay. killing people because they are different is not okay. We need to help the people in need because there are starving children & people in the world that need our help. We need more love in this world. Love only.

Submitted: October 17, 2016

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Submitted: October 17, 2016



I don’t know anything about politics but i know that Donald Trump is not qualified/capable to be the next president of the United States. We DO NOT have to build a wall to make "America great again". I don’t get how Donald Trump can say all mexicans are rapists. And all muslims are part of isis or a threat to our country.

And how people say mexicans are taking all the "jobs”. We aren’t “taking” jobs we are willing to work no matter what circumstance(s) is/are put in front of us just to put food on the table & to pay the bills. I was born & raised in the U.S. & my dad being from Mexico & him being an immigrant & being mexican & my mom being from California & being mixed (mexican & white). And when my dad tells me his story about how he came over to the U.S. i can't even imagine what he had to go through. Being only 5yrs old & only having your siblings,the clothes on your back & not knowing any English at all & not knowing what’s going on or when or if you’re ever gonna see your parents again.

After hearing his story i have learned not to get offended of racist jokes. I know i shouldn’t get offended when someone says something about mexicans or white people. I know how mexicans are treated & how we act. But when it comes down to what trump has to say it does hurt. And when it comes to family that’s a whole different story becus when someone says something so irrelevant about you,your family, and friends it does hurt and it does get to you. And i know for a fact that my dad,uncles,cousins,grandpas, & brothers ARE NOT RAPIST! No one HAS THE RIGHT to sit there or write it somewhere & call us “rapist” becus that’s what you heard,read or you were tought. We are not rapist becus one of our kind did such a thing.

It really doesn’t make sense that trump wants to talk about other races when if you really look up the majority of people that have shot up schools or threatened schools. You will find the majority of them being white people. This maybe a country that the americans claimed. But America was built on immagrants. White people are definitely not innocent at all in this. No offense to any white people but you should take a look at your race before you look at any other race out there. And no i do not hate America or americans i'm saying this stuff becus it needs to be addressed.

And i know you do have a freedom of speech but you DO NOT & i repeat DO NOT have the right to kill any other race becus of what that race has done to you, your family, friends,or your race. There is no reason to be racist. We need to stop the hatred in this world it is way out of control. We all deserve to have a peaceful life no matter what race,gender,or sexuality you are. We are all equal.

We all came to the U.S. for certain reason(s) & those reason(s) being to have freedom, a better life for our families & a freedom of speech. If you go to any other country you will notice how differently people act & how they treat others. Becus they don’t have what we have.

I am grateful to be able to be in the U.S. & have parents of a different race so i can learn & observe of others. I am not only speeking for for mexicans but for all races. Becus i have come to love all races. We DO NOT deserve this kind of treatment that we are getting becus we are a different color or we don’t believe in the same thing as others or we speak a different language or even supporting the LGBTQ community. We as americans are not doing our job by keeping the peace.

All we care about is who’s gonna be our next president or who’s gonna pay for the wall Mexico or the U.S. When there are children & people out there starving,crying for help,homeless, & parentless. That is just sad. How can we sit here with no worries in our lives & waiting to see who the next president’s gonna be when a 2year old is homeless & parentless. Where is the love?

It’s crazy how people & children can just pour out water & waste food like its nothing. Becus they know they can just get more if they just go to the sink or go to the kitchen to get more. When there are people in different countries fighting,killing,hurting for water & food. When there are kids looking in the garbage for food & people walking miles & miles for water. I’m not gonna sit here & say how people are wasting food & water becus i know i’ve done it before when i could’ve helped that one life by giving them that little bit of water & food or maybe even that little bit of money i had. Everyone has done it it's just a thing that we don't really realize is a problem.

We need to change our ways & how we treat others FAST. bcus if we don’t the world is gonna get worse &  worse every day. I am proud to say that i’m a bi-sexual Mexican-American and i am so proud of it. Call me what you want & say what you want but i’ll never be or feel less of a bi-sexual Mexican-American i am today. We all deserve the same treatment as that white kid over there no matter what color your skin is. I’m not gonna tell you how to live your life or how to treat others but you will come to find out in the matter of time that the stuff i’m saying is true & it does need to STOP. All lives DO MATTER. Love is stronger than hate. Love always wins remember that. #loveonly

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