laughing at yourself

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Monologue script, non- fiction.
I wrote this when i was in year 11 at high school as a final drama performance.

Submitted: October 17, 2016

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Submitted: October 17, 2016



*walks in*

 "Oh, hello, i didn't know this was a public thing."

*gets out piece of paper*


“it clearly states,’ closed funeral for family to view the body.’"

 *walks towards audience and points at a person*

 "I don't know you, you’re not family. Why are you here? And what about you...”

 *points to another person*

 “You’re not supposed to be here. “

 *walks over to coffin (table)*

“Just as beautiful as your wedding day, such a pretty face, much prettier now with all the cuts and scratches. They’ve cleaned you up. But they missed your soul. You’re dead but your soul is still here, still black and broken.”

*looks up back at audience*

“Why are you still here? I don’t want you here, this is my time.

*walks back to coffin*

“My time. With myself, and my family. For them to say goodbye and cry. But they didn’t turn up, just you people... are you even people? I can’t see you very well, I can’t see your faces.

*looks harder*

“You don’t have faces, you don’t have faces.


“You don’t have faces. You’re here for me, aren’t you?

*walks to mirror looks in*

“Still here, no reflection, no life nothing left, no family, no friends. They didn’t even come to my funeral. Only you no-faced things. Why are you following me around? I saw you standing there after the accident.


Accident. I guess seeing as how I’m at my own funeral, I can be honest. It was no accident. I was murdered.

I was running away from her. Trying to escape. Help, Help!! I kept crying out. Why are you doing this to me its not fair! I Know i was never a small girl and i don’t like running. But I ran and I fell down the stairs. BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP CRACK !! but i wasn’t down.

*laughs and pokes belly*

Padding you see.

*stops laughing*

The crack was my arm breaking in two. She was laughing at me. I could hear her. I ran outside. I heard my child scream “STOP MUMMY! Poor thing. I looked back and tripped on a log into my beautiful roses. Stupid Roses

*looks at coffin*

That's the reason for the scratches, all the scratches. They make you pretty.

*looks back at audience*

I tried to get up but she was holding me down i couldn’t see her so i couldn’t get her off. I passed out or a few moments then regained consciousness and she was gone. She ran off. COWARD! I got up and felt a sharp pain in my back. I walked inside and went to the bathroom to wash up. I looked in the mirror and there she was in it. Taunting me. I went to the kitchen picked up the butcher knife went back up to the bathroom i smashed it i smashed her face into a million pieces. Her face went everywhere in my arms, across the bathroom floor.

I stepped on her face as i left the bathroom and went down the stairs to return the knife i saw her in the family photos. I smashed all the photos and i tripped down the stairs and fell on the knife  and as i was taking my last breath of this world i saw you all of you, holding out your hands trying to take me away then i ran and left my body now i'm here

Forever alone......


That’s what I’ve wanted since i was young. To be left alone

Why wont you leave me alone. Who are you. I don’t want to leave yet. There's only.....

*counts on fingers*

The rest of eternity to be alone. Unless you take me away. I know that's what you do. Don’t hold your hands out i will never take your hand i will never go with you.

*looks up*

The lights. The music. Its starting, my funeral is starting. I thought no one turned up but it hadn’t started.

*walks to watch people arrive*

My son, he’s so sad. My husband, he looks so angry. What are they saying.

"They couldn't help Mummy. Her brain was a little broken. Seeing things, aren't there"

I'm not insane....

*looks at audience*

Am I.....

Perhaps i will go with you.....

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