Fake Peoples

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Summary , ...... what summary ?? it will be your words in the END

Submitted: October 18, 2016

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Submitted: October 18, 2016



Well after completing my bad days in hell i am now going out  there and entering into the new world again for another life and i started a new book too...
Mine previous book pages has almost finish in which i write how i enter in hell i gave that book a name too "TYLER DURDEN" which you can search on booksie web too... i uploded on this web after releasing from hell directly and now what name i will give to this book will depend on ending of course.
In second chance our life begans with age of 20 and there is another problem with this second chance or may be not a problem i guess, that those peoples who losses in their first life and go to hell and now coming back for second chance their FACES looks ugly this kind of help us because ugly faces does not attract towards the earth.In my first life i have a friend named tyler who is a good man you can know about him by reading my previous book "TYLER DURDEN" i search for him couple of days but i didnt find him...then i heard a rumor that good peoples are still in heaven and they are going to be live there for an infinte life time...
Well now everybody is good so no bad peoples, our life is going boring everyday i smile infront of everyone speak good words for everybody and doing my job as a SWEAPER as always no one put rapper on ground because everyone wants to go heaven......my job is boring and everything is boring
my freind tyler father is not a good man thats why he has given another chance and he is still want to be bad only man who still wants to go hell because of what he like....he thinks that that killikng peoples can only help him to go through hell so he started killing and his first target is me...because i am nowadays has been number 1 good man...
i am sitting on cafetaria drinking tea as always TYLER FATHER comes towards me there are many peoples around cafetaria TYLER FATHER take out the knife and jump towards.. now other peoples have to save me because if they dont then they will be a murderer too because they didnt stop and they are going to hell again so everybody run towards him the one who stops the murdere well may be he can win and will go to heaven i want to be dead in good way like i fight for my like so other can think that i sacrifice and he will go to heaven but going to heaven is everybody wish.....
Then i realize i cannot fool peoples like my ways so i run.. peoples are fighting with each other to stop the murderer but hey are not realinzing they are fighting with each other in this hustle and bustle TYLER FATHER SAW ME running and he had gun in his hand point towards me i smile but you know there is going to be the bullet passing your head who can smile he shoot towards me the bullet passes through me i died at the same moment.....
Well now i am in heaven and after so many footsteps here there i find tyler he was sitting with a man whose face i cannot see i move towards him .the man turns around and then i see TYLER FATHER was there sitting and smiling  i asked TYLER your father kill me how he can be here ? TYLER told that he told his Father to do this job before going to hell When i asked tyler how you know there was going to be a second life " I START HEARING TOO MUCH LOUD NOICES INCREASING SECOND BY SECOND" Then suddenly my eyes are open and i am sitting on 2nd floor ground  waiting for luch break to be over then again started my job to clear dust of everywhere i dont remember who TYLER was is he a real person i am working on it still/..........

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