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A poem about depression and overdose.

Submitted: October 18, 2016

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Submitted: October 18, 2016



It's not just a feeling,
It's a darkness 
It's loud,
It's feisty,
It's inside my head, 
Take the pain
And flush it out
Please somebody,
Just help me get it out. 

It feeds on my life,
Sucks it right out
It burns
It stings 
It makes a mess 
It sticks it's tendrils into my mind
Then Pulls apart my every thought
Please, oh please won't you get it out?

It has a devilish smile,
One that cuts, 
That tears, 
That rips me apart. 
I have no power
I've run out of will
Out of strength 
I just need you to get it out

In my mind,
It destroys my thoughts. 
In my mind,
It knocks down my walls.
In my mind, 
It breaks and it ruins. 
Why can't anyone hear me?
It's in my head, get it out!

It has a name, 
Though it's rarely spoken. 
Depression, they call it, 
Though can a mere word really sum it up?

The doctors say that it has a weakness,
A pill they say
A pill that is tiny, even smaller than a thumb nail
Swallow it, they say
The pain, 
it will go away. 
But It doesn't, 
It doesn't help. 
You can't hear me!
No one can hear me!
Why can't you hear me?
I'm screaming!
I'm begging you!
Get it out!

If one pill helps nothing
What about two?
More ammunition 
Might help me out
Could this be the answer?
Just a few more pills?
I'll do anything,
Just help me get it out!

Not two? 
Maybe eight?
Maybe eighteen?
Something has got to help!
Something has got to rid it 
From my brain, 
Something must banish the demon and make me sane! 
What can it hurt?
Nothing is worse
Than this terrible pain 
The pain, oh god, the pain. 
God help me, Get it out!

33 is the answer. 
33 is the cure. 
33 is the savior. 
The pain is now gone. 
Though my breath is now seized, 
A sacrifice is what I've made,
To escape the pain. 
Now I'm lost 
Lost to death, 
But it's far, far better
Than being lost to the pain.








© Copyright 2018 Tarisa Golby. All rights reserved.

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