Woman in the rain

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This is a writing exercise which was prompted by writingexercises.co.uk 's Setting generator. It gave me four statements of the setting, namely: "It’s noon. There’s heavy rain. You’re in the suburbs of the city. There’s a lonely feel to the place", and I delivered by setting a woman going through a rather problematic period of her life into this little city corner.
It's just an exercise, so the length is around 500ish words, nothing too ambitious. Thanks for reading!

Submitted: October 18, 2016

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Submitted: October 18, 2016



She brought the unlit cigarette to her lips. Cupping its end behind her left palm, she tried to light it with her lighter. It took a few clicks, and a few select words, but finally, it was lit. She stuffed the lighter back into the pocket of her red overcoat. The smoke she blew melded into the vapor of the heavy rain falling in front of her.

She’d taken shelter from the rain beneath a small piece of roof above someone’s door. She took a small step back, careful not to trip on her high heels, careful to keep the cigarette in shelter as well.

The bar across the small alleyway had dark windows. No lights were on, and there was a small red placard hanging on the door. No wonder. No one to come have a drink. Everyone else in this sleeping city was either at work, at school, or maybe at the hospital, ready to die. The woman wished she could be the latter. Woulda made things so much easieh, she thought, and took a deep breath. The smoke swirled in front of her before inevitably disappearing.

There was screaming. Not that scared shriek that chills your blood, sends shivers down your spine, and raises the hairs on your neck, it was that scream that children liked when they were happy. Laughter that sounded like a pig was being tortured, in her opinion. Soon, two children in their school uniforms ran past the woman, their books over their heads. They were having a conversation while out of breath so it came out as incoherent yelps, and gasps. They must have been going home for lunch now. It was too early to go home yet. Unless the new education system was so loose, that they let their students out minutes before noon. Soon, the echo of their slapping footsteps, and their annoying laughter, disappeared into the rain just like everything else.

The woman sighed, the warm glow of the cigarette flickering against the gray haze. She knew she’d have to walk her way back home sooner or later. She would have to face the things she’d rather just sweep under the rug. She also knew that she’d had to flee said home exactly because she’d swept everything under the rug. This time, she would have to be the one standing up for herself. All the while everyone else would turn to look the other way, and act as if she was merely an ant that they could crush at any moment.

She rested her back against the cold stone wall next to the stranger’s door. Inside, she could hear the distant, but unmistakable, sound of a baby crying. She closed her eyes, and brought the cigarette to her meticulously painted lips. Sure I can wait until this rain be over.

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