Whispers in the room

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Review Chain

A simple serving girl hears whispers, impending doom is around the corner

Whispers in the throne room, that’s all I could hear from where I lay. I closed my eyes, clenched every muscle in my face and held my breath, trying to hear what they were saying. Slowly I sat up in the bed, I slipped my night gown over my head, leaned over to give my prince a kiss on the forehead, and left his bedchamber.

Matters of the throne are of no concern to me, if I am caught sneaking through the hallways while the castle sleeps, the king will have me whipped and thrown into the dungeon without food or water for three days. Hearing voices this late into the night can never be a good sign. I push those thoughts out of my head and continue.

I put my back against the cold stone wall, lifted my night gown above my ankles to prevent it from dragging and making noise, I began to slide against the wall. The throne room is just around the corner from the prince’s bedchamber, I’m almost there. My heart is pounding in my chest.

 A stone from the wall loosens and hits the floor. Sudden silence. I don’t hear the voices, I’m frozen with fear, and I hold my breath praying to the gods that they don’t discover me.  My eyes are shut as tight as they will go, I bite my lip, and plead. Luck is on myside.

The voices continue, and relief washes over me, I can breathe again. I stay in the shadows and far away from the wall torches so my shadow isn’t discovered.

It seemed like hours before I arrived at the entrance to the throne room, I lean against the black stone frame, trying to see if I recognize the two figures standing in the center of the room, they are wearing hooded black robes, covering their faces, they have their backs turned.

“He must die, he must, we need a new ruler, and it cannot be his son. He will ruin this realm, he plans to ask his Queen mother’s serving girl for her hand in marriage, he will destroy alliances and bring war.” The anger in his voice sent shivers up my spine. I needed to see this man’s face, he plans to kill the prince.

With their backs still facing the entrance, I got down on my hands and knees and crawled, fast to the nearest pillar. My knees were skinned and bleeding from scraping against the stone floor. I tear a piece of silk from my nightgown trying to soak up the blood, but it is too late, the ridges in the stone are stained with my blood.

Hurried footsteps are coming down the hall towards the throne room, I am safe in the shadows of this pillar. They enter the room and stop, I cover my mouth with both hands, trying to hold back my tears. Two knights are holding my price by the elbows his body is limp, his face caked in blood and dirt, and his clothes torn and filthy. “Enter.” Hissed one of the hooded figures.

The knights drug the prince to the center of the room, both  hooded men slowly turned to face the knights, I can see their faces, one I don’t recognize, but the other is unmistakable, it’s the kings very own brother, Ser Andrew Clements.  He speaks, but I can’t make out what he is saying, he throws a sack of coin to the knight on his left, and dismisses him. Without so much as a word the knights make their way to the entrance of the throne room, one stops and slowly turns in my direction.

Our eyes meet, and the ugliest smile creeps across his face, baring his yellow, broken teeth. He steps towards me, panic sets in and I scramble to my feet, he grabs my nightgown tearing it at the shoulder, I break free and run towards the throne room entrance. I forgot about the second knight, he grabs me by the hair, and throws me back, I scrapped across the stone floor, my entire backside is burning with pain, I can feel blood tricking down my leg. I rub my head where the knight pulled a chunk of hair out trying to sooth the pain. I’m numb with fear and terrified of what would come next, I have been discovered.

Both knights pull me to my feet, the uglier of the two, slurs something in my ear that I can’t quite make out, and licks my ear lobe, I shudder with disgust, trying to pull away from his grip. “Looksy, what we found here m’lord, the little, would be princess.”

Ser Andrew Clements steps forward, grabs me by the chin, and slaps me hard across the face. I bit my tongue. I look him straight in the eyes, and spit blood in his face. This time, he pulls my hair to pull my head back, and with a closed fist, punched me across the face. Everything goes black.

Dazed and confused, I open my eyes. My head is pounding and my wrists hurt, I try to wiggle free, I’m chained to the wall in shackles, still in the throne room.

I hear Ser Andrew mumble something, I look up. He’s standing in front of me, with a dagger in his right hand. The prince is kneeling in front of me. Tears roll down his cheeks. One of his eyes are swollen shut, and his teeth are broken. He looks up at me, and smiles. “I love you.”

Blood came spurting out, covering my face. Ser Andrew slid the daggers blade across the prince’s neck. I scream, loudly, I don’t even recognize my own voice. The prince’s falls, and blood pools on the floor. Ser Andrew steps towards me, and wipes the blood from the blade on my nightgown. He lifts the prince’s head, blood is still pulsating out. Ser Andrew cups the last of the prince’s blood in his hand, and wipes my hands and arm down with it. I’m in shock. The love of my life has been murdered right before me, I’m chained to the wall completely helpless.  

Ser Andrew places the dagger besides the prince’s lifeless body and shouts “The prince, the prince, somebody help. He’s been murdered!”

I hear thunderous footsteps running towards the throne room, there must be at least five hundred or more guards. “WHERE WERE YOU?!” I shout, sobbing uncontrollably as they enter the room. None of them paid me any mind. I was invisible to them

The king and queen entered the room last, the queen spots her beloved son and falls to her knees beside him. She is inconsolable. I have never seen the queen look so fragile before. “Who did this?” Demanded the king. “Your grace, we have seized the serving girl, it appears she has cut the princes throat.” Ser Andrew, dropped to one knee. The king looked at me with pure hatred.

I opened my mouth to speak, no words came out. Without my prince I am nothing. I don’t want to go on living in this god forsaken world without him. I put my head down to avoid the hurt in the kings pale blue eyes. “You know what to do with her. A crime like this cannot wait until the morrow.” I could still feel the king’s eyes on me as he spoke. “She will lose her head tonight, sire.” Ser Andrew said, as he put his hand on the king’s shoulder, offering him comfort.

I could hear the queen’s distraught sobs, as the men spoke. “Bring her to the block.” Ser Andrew said to the knight closest to him. The tall knight, with the black armor unshackled me, and caught me as I fell off the wall. My knees were weak, I could barely walk. The knight picked me up and slumped me over his shoulder, I let my body go limp.  

We approached the blood stained block. With a thump I landed on the hard stone floor. The knight dropped me. I got to my knees and looked around, so many faces staring at me. The entire kingdom woke to the prince’s death bells. They came to watch me die.

The crowd starts throwing rotten vegetables at me, a tomato hit the black knight square in the back as he sharpened his axe, he didn’t flinch. He seemed to enjoy this.  I got a face full of brown lettuce. My face stung. I look up at the knight, my vision was blurry as tears formed in my eyes, I begged him to end my life. He only gave me a wicked smile and spat. “This is half the fun.”

After many minutes the black knight turned to face the wild crowd, he put his right hand up, demanding silence. The crowd grew quiet the knight looked down at me, with both of his hands he lifted me to my feet. The crowd began to shout profanities, a boy ran up to me and threw a stone, hitting me in the knee. I felt water dripping down my leg, I wet myself.

The knight put his hand up once more, and the crowd quieted. Only a few coughs were heard within the crowd. “By the king’s order, I sentence you to DEATH!” “You will get no last words.” The knight yelled as he kicked me in the legs, I dropped to the ground. Catching myself with both hands, I landed on my knees. He forced my head against the blood stain wooden block they use for beheadings. I could hear the crowd cheering. I smiled to myself, I wasn’t afraid of dying. Everything went black.

I speak to you from the afterlife. I can no longer see, everything is black. Only my soul remains, I am with my prince again, our souls found each other in the darkness. I will never get to see his face, or feel his lips against mine. But we are together at peace.


Submitted: October 18, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Lily Chapman. All rights reserved.

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