Forever Marklone

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Foxblisher
This is a short story about Mark and his cousin, they are looking for a treasure on a cemetery.

Submitted: October 18, 2016

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Submitted: October 18, 2016





It was a sunny afternoon, it seemed perfect to go out walking from the hand of a girl, but he did not had any, so...

The young Mark prostrate on one of the beds in the house of his grandmother, was suffering from a cold. His very kind grany told her granddaughter to give Mark a portion of soup. Mark's cousin went to the guest room where Mark was.

-Grandma' sends you this soup-she said.

-Thank you. Could you open the window, please? I feel very suffocated by the heat in here.

-I'm not your maid. Take your soup before I throw it to your head.

-Thank you, you're so kind...-he replied sarcastically.

Mark was trying to draw something in a notebook he found while he was there.

-What are you doing?-she asked.

-I found this notebook in that old dresser, so I'm drawing.

-You call that drawing? Let me draw something-she said snatching the notebook-. I'll show you how to do it. I took a couple lessons last year, you know..

-Yes, I know that.

-Cool-she finished sketching something-. What do you think?-she asked showing him a beautiful stroke.

-It's okay, but it could be better if you go over, drawing the edges-said Mark a little annoying, because the drawing was very good.

-I'll try the way you said- going to another sheet she saw something-. Look, a map!


-A map. Who was the owner of this notebook?-she asked returning to the first page to find it out, she went to the first page putting his finger on the map page before to not lose it-. There is nothing.

-Open the window!

-Okay!-she said walking to the window with the book in hand-. Are you happy now?

-Shut up. Why don't you just go!

-Is what I will do.

-But let the notebook, I'm drawing in it, remember?

-I will keep it, this map seems to lead to a treasure.

-You are not going to keep it! Give it to me! or..

-Or what? You will cry like a baby?

-Just give it to me!

-Take it-she said while she tear-out the map-. Here is your notebook.


At dinner time Mark felt better, he had swallowed a pill to lower the level of fever and, apparently, was doing its effect.

-I don't have apetite-Mark said.

-That's why you are so skinny, even I am ashamed of your body, it is a disgrace for the family.

-Really? Why have not you tell me that before?

-I don't like to talk to you, i feel I'm talking to a match, if someone sees that I speak to you, It would be awful to me.

-Really? Is it a joke or something?

-Have you seen me joking ever? Now call your cousin to come to dinner.

-Where is she?

-On the sole of my shoe!-Grandma said angrily- Where do you think? In her room!! also, you should search for your cat, I have not seen it since Wednesday.

-Why have not you tell me that before too!

-Thank me I'm talking to you now.

Mark opened the door after knockin' a few times without any response. He found his cousin going out of the window like a backseat lover.

-What are you doing?-Mark asked.

-I'm following the map.

-What I'm going to tell to our Grandma if she finds out you are not home.

-Tell her that I also have fever. Your stupid fever.

-My fever deserves more respect.

-Shut up. See you.

-I´ll go with you, I dont want dinner tonight.

-Do whatever you want.

Both jumped trough the window and started walking. Mark had many questions.

-Why do we follow the map?-Mark asked-. What if it is just a draw made by a lunatic?

-It is not that, it is a map. I compared the handwriting of my father in a letter and it is the same.

- My uncle? He is not dead? How could he send you a letter?

-Are you stupid or what? He sends me the letter when he was alive, I was in a summer camp when I received it last year.

-Why have you not thrown the letter?

-It is not trash like your draws.

-I'm ofended.

-You are always ofended. I wonder why you are so stupid. My aunt is not.

-Thank you. Where the map leads?

-I don´t know, but this street seems to be familiar to me.

-Do you bring a compass?

-Shut up. I think this is the way to the cemetery, I was here last year.

-Dafuq. Why do you came here? Why you don't go to a museum, or a cinema, or a mall like everybody does. Then you say you are with the stupid.

-I was here at my father's funeral. That's why you don't have a girlfriend.

-How do you know I have no girlfriend?

-It is just... just the way you are.

-Do you have a boyfriend?

-I don't. I have a girlfriend.

-For real?

-No. I just wanted to know if you had any other stupid face, not just the usual stupid face... and you have it.


Mark and his cousin arrived to the cemetery, there was a headstone with the name and date of Ben Foster 1980-2003 on it.

-Now start digging-she said.


-Stop! It was a joke...-she saw something-. Is it your cat Fox?

-There you are my baby. You are the treasure. Hurra!!

-The cat is not the treasure, it's just a coincidence.

-The map bring us to Fox! The cat is the treasure!

-We found the treasure before the cat.

-What do you mean?

-Do you know I'm adopted?


-I asked to my dad to know my biological father years ago. And now I finally meet him.

-This Ben? It means you are not my cousin.

-I'm your cousin.


-Simple, the blood is under our veins, you can not see it. But I can see you, and I apreciate just the things my eyes can show to my heart. I love you, cousin.

-So... I can give you a french kiss?

-No, because I'm your cousin! Don't you heard me? I said: "I love you, COUSIN!"

-But if you were not my... I could..?




© Copyright 2020 Abe Coosemans. All rights reserved.

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