stoked joint

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my first sort story. please let me know what you think.

Submitted: October 18, 2016

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Submitted: October 18, 2016



1. The job


Stokes sitting, in the dark drinking a beer. Watching people walk by listening to music. Then Stokes gets a phone call from his friend Jamel.



What's up man?



Man I have a job for you! It's easy fast in and out with no problem. You will get cash up front.



Yea what do you want me to do? You know I need some new clothes to impress the ladies!



Right Right! Right know really can't get into much detail about the whole thing. How about I call you and give the address where we can meet up, but not tonight how about tomorrow.



For sure. Just let me know when and where and I'll be down.


2. INT. Stokes hangs up his phone gets a text and smiles.

EXT: Night Club - Day

As we see Stokes walk into the night club we see Jamel sitting at the bar with two men.


Jamel: There is my boy!


Stokes: What's up Jamel?


Jamel: I want you to meet James and Jason they are the owners of this beautiful club that you are going to rock out!


James: Yes we hear you are quite the DJ. Jamel here played one of your mix tapes for us and you can say I or we liked it.

2. INT James looks over at Jason. Jason just smiles and nods his head to agree.


Stokes: Well thanks you know I charge three hundered up front and three hundered after the show. So six hundred for a show.


Jason: Yes we are all aware of the cost of your talent is and we don't want you to think we would try to get you free. In fact I and James thought of making you our house DJ.

3. Stokes looks over at Jamel with a big smile.


Stokes: For real hell year then it's by the hour is how I want to get paid.


Jason: O we will figure out a way for you to get paid.

4. Stokes has a confused look on his face.


Stokes: K so when can I start? When will I get paid?


Jason: You Can start tonight here is $1,000 up front. Why don't you start this weekend?

5. Jason hands Stokes a leather bag full of money.


Stokes: Cool I'll be here. I'll makes my own flyers so I can get more of my crowed in here you know people who heard me play before you know. What is the name of this club again this is my first time every being here.


Jason: Old English we do stuff old fashion but in a cool younger kind of way.





Stokes: O.K. then we have a deal! I'll start making some flyers and letting people know.



Jason: sounds great can't wait to see my club jumping with stoked customers!

Fades to black




Sam: What's up ass face? Why are you so happy?


Stokes: Sexy you would not believe this. I just got offered a job!


Sam: Really babe that is awesome! Doing what?


Stokes: Being a DJ! My dream job!!


Sam: Your DJ job! Baby that's a dream you have not a job that can pay bills. How much you getting $600 a show which you only do once a month if that! You need a job babe! A real one not a kids one.

Stokes: Look at this!

8. INT Stokes opens a leather bag of money.


Stokes: Look at what the owners of Old English gave me a $1,000 up front! A thousand and Jason said there will be more


Sam: Wow babe! What is the catch? Don't you find it odd that he paid you under the table? You need to think about your life.


Stokes: I always get paid up front not this much. So no I'm not getting paid under the table.


Sam: O.K. if you say so, but you still need to get a real j.o.b.


Stokes: I'm working on it I'm thinking to get my CDL class B so I can drive truck work for a delivery company or something.


Sam: Yea that would work. It will pay your bills then.

9. INT knocks at the door. Stokes yell's I'll be right their Jamel!

Stokes: Look sexy it's going to be alright.  Jamel and I are going to look for jobs right now.

10. Stokes walks out of the room and outside where Jamel is waiting for him on the steps.


Jamel: What's up Stokes! My main man with the game plain. So what did you think of the dudes at Old English.


Stokes: They seem alright. How long have you known those two?


Jamel: Jason I have known for some time James that was my first time seeing that dude. He seems a little shady. It's crazy that they gave you all that money at once!


Stokes: True but I'll take it the shit the world is like these days and shit going on. Man Shit is going to hit the fan!


Jamel: So true!



Stokes, at first day at Old English.

Fade to black

The twist of the truth:

Stokes stepping up to the turn tables. Crowd in front of him as Stokes starts to grabs his music. Jamel walks up to Stokes. The Guard drops and switches back packs with Stokes. Stokes comes bag grabs his back pack and starts to talk the guard.


Stokes: What's up?


Guard: Not much man. Have fun tonight I'm sure you are going to kill it.


Stokes starts to walk towards the stage. Everything seems be moving in slow motion as he is walking towards the stage. Stokes gets on the stage and looks over the crowd in the club.

As the music starts to play Stokes notices some co motion in the crowd. They are a scream from the crowd.


Person in crowd: He has a gun!!

People start running everywhere. Stokes grabs his back pack jumps off the stage and starts to fight thaw the crowd to get out of the club. Stokes runs into Jamel by the exit door.

Jamel: Stokes this way. Come bro let’s get the fuck out of here.


Stokes: What the fuck is going on bro!

All of a sudden the cops come rushing.


Cops: Every one freeze on the ground now.

Stokes looks over at Jamel and puts the back pack on his back.

Jamel: We need to get out of here.

As Stokes and Jamel are heading out of the club. In a second floor office Jason the owner of Old English is looking in the bag that got switched with Stokes. Looks up and sees Stokes and Jamel leaving with a pissed of look on his face.






Jamel: Man Bro I did not think it that shit would happen.


Stokes: Right that shit was nutz. Something went down hard and bad had to do with drugs.


Jamel: Right, Right open that bag let’s see what's in there.

Stokes pulls the pack back off his back and opens it. In side is a bunch of money and a gun. Stokes and Jamel both take a step back with a surprise look on the faces.


Stokes: Holy shit bro! This is not my bag I must of or you must have grabbed the wrong one.


Jamel: I grabbed the wrong! We need to forget who did what when all that shit was going down. We can take this bag to the cops or throw it in the river.


Stokes: Right, right good ides let’s bring this to the cops. Most likely we are already in some deep shit.

As Stokes is putting the bag pack back on to his back they here a voice in the darkness of the ally.


Voice: If I was you I would just give me that bag and walk away.


Stokes: Who said that?


Voice: None of your business! Just throw me the bag.

Stokes looks over at Jamel.


Stokes: What should we do?


Jamel: What do mean what we should do! Give him the bag! Who knows he could have a gun on us right now!

Just about when Stokes is going the throw the bag the cops show up.


Stokes and Jamel hear footsteps of the person in the dark as they drop to the ground bag still with Stokes and Jamel.




Up against the wall

Stokes setting in the cop’s station at the table with hand cuff's on. Having a flash back of him and his girlfriend lying in bed. Two cops come into the room.


Cop 1: Hello Stokes my name officer James this is my partner officer Frank.


Stokes: Yea Hi and what is going on? May I ask?


Officer Frank: Well son see you are in a bad spot. The bag that we found on you is the gun is involved in two murders.

Officer Frank sets down and puts two pictures of a murder seen in front of Stokes.


Stokes pushes the pictures back towards to the officer Frank.

Officer Frank: Well then tell me how you got the gun and why you have a bag full of money that was stolen from the crime scene.

Stokes looks around the room. Then looks at Officer Frank and James right in the face.

Stokes: I want to make a phone call.

Officer James: Fine makes your phone call.

An officer walks into the room and tells Officer Frank and James that there is someone to see Stokes. Officers let the visitors in the room which turns out to be Jason the owner of Old English.

The twisted end

Stokes is in the police office with Jason the owner of Old English. Stokes has a confused look on his face. As Jason sits down he has a smile on his face. Jason asks Stokes if he can sit down.


Stokes: What are you doing here? How did you know I'll be here?


Jason: Look I know this look's odd that I'm here but I did you to do me a favor. I'll get you out but you'll need to do a favor for me.

Stokes looks at Jason up and down with his eyes.


Stokes: Sure what do you want me to do.

Jason gets up from the table looks at Stokes.

Jason: First let me get you out of here.

Stokes looks at Jason and the door. A lawyer and officer open the door.


Lawyer: Stokes you are free to go.


Jason: Meet me at my club at 7pm sharp. Think about for life.

Fade to BLACK.


The scene starts at night on the roof top of the Old English. Jason is with two of his buddy grads. Stokes walks up to Jason with a gun in his paints in the back.

Stokes: So what is this all about?

Jason: See Stokes I have a problem. Somehow a gun with a bag of money a lot of money ends up in my club. Which belongs to me! So I'm going to ask you how you ended up with it.

Stokes: Because you are under arrest! WHAT YOU THOUGHT I WAS JUST A DJ! I have been under cover for so long that I don't know what's real anymore!

Cops come rushing


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