Nicotine Love

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Lovely little bit I wrote today. Hope you enjoy it

Submitted: October 18, 2016

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Submitted: October 18, 2016



She sat down and handed me a cigarette, lighting hers. I watched her as she blew out the smoke, forming her lips almost as if she were preparing for a kiss. A kiss I longed to feel again, though I couldn't admit it in person. "So are we gonna sit here, or are we gonna walk?" She asked, with a smile and a slight laugh. We both stood up and began walking away from the church steps. I put the cigarette between my lips and let it hang there. We walked in silence for a block or two. I enjoyed her presence even in the awkward silence. God, I just wanted to hold her so badly. I stopped to light my cigarette. She watched as I did, the look on her face of an emotion I couldn't quite name. We looked at each other for a bit. "Well, let's keep going," I said, pushing away the feeling of wanting to watch her forever. Suddenly the words fell from my lips. "I love you." She kept walking, looking down and watching our shadows as we walked past the lit street lights. Seconds felt like minutes. "I love you too," she said. My heart skipped a beat. Thank god, I thought to myself. We continued to walk past her street. She looked in the direction of her house but continued walking. The nicotine started to take hold of me. I began to relax a little. Two more blocks and I stopped in my tracks. I grabbed her and pulled her close, careful not to burn her with the cherry of my cigarette. She held me as well, tightening her arms around me. God, I missed the feeling. We stood there like that for what felt like forever. "I have to get home soon," she said. Forever wasn't long enough. I took her hand and kissed it as I let her go. I watched as she went off, the last cloud of smoke blowing out of her mouth as she threw her cigarette and turned a corner. I turned around and continued walking, inhaling the smoke and holding it in, releasing it along with my worries. It was then that I realized I was more addicted to her than to those. ...then I woke up in my room, wishing that that was how it had happened.

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