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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Water Wars

Submitted: October 25, 2016

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Submitted: October 25, 2016



Our silence was broken by sound of footsteps thumping on the ground. “Oh there you are!” Mitch said looking only at Leo and trying her best to ignore me. “C’mon lets go back, we having water wars and Marco is winning!” She exclaimed.

I don’t know how she did it, but one moment she’s clad in a robe, then suddenly, the robe opened and you can see her body, which is, to be fair, really great.

Leo stood up, then offered his hand to me, “C’mon Lexy, let’s go back. I promise I’ll lower the volume of the music. We can’t let Marco win the water wars,” he said smiling.

Smiling, I took his hand, “I don’t know what water wars is, but I don’t want Marco to win. I’m in!” Mitch looked at me murderously, so I let go of Leo’s hand and ran towards where my friends are.

Water wars is like stealing bases on water. There are two teams holding on a base, in this game it’s a handkerchief tied loosely on a person’s arm. The person with the “base” should remain in the base area while the other members are free to try to obtain the other team’s “base”. If you stole the “base” before any of the enemy team tags you, your team wins. Tagging an enemy team is done if you caught any member of the other team. The tagged members are now prisoners and held on the team’s base area. They can be freed once they are tagged again by their own teammates.

Marco’s team consists of Bart, Mina, Dex, Jen, Mitch, Carly, and Ana while Leo’s team consists of Grace, Lucy, Lucas, Cate, Roxy, Chloe, and I.

 I am athletic on land but totally useless on water. Since I didn’t know how to swim, I became the “base” person and just stayed on the shallow part of the pool. Marco’s play was aggressive, using all of his members to get to me. Leo’s play was more defensive. He anticipated Marco’s aggressive play so he placed guards around me with the instruction of catching enemy members and should not leave me unguarded. He instructed the twins to go underwater and try to stealthily take on the “base”, which is Dex.

“Be careful though,” I whispered, “Dex is an exceptional swimmer.”

“Don’t worry Lexy,” Lucy smirked, “So are we.”

Grace and Leo played as aggressors, tagging as much enemy members as possible.

In less than ten minutes, Leo, Grace, and Chloe were captured while we had Bart, Mina, Jen, Carly, and Ana. Marco and Mitch looked at my direction assessing how to get past Cate and Roxy to get the “base”. They didn’t notice the twins swam past them, towards their base. Lucas “freed” Leo, Grace and Chloe while Lucy distracted Dex. The commotion got Marco and Mitch’s attention, but it was too late. Leo and Grace tagged them while Chloe, Lucy and Lucas got the “base” off Dex.

We won! Since the losing team had to drink all the remaining beers, there’s at least a dozen left, I am so relieved that we’ve won. Once they finished drinking the beers, we all called it a night and went to our rooms. Realizing that we only have one shower in our room, I told the girls to go ahead first since I’m not tired nor drunk anyway. I wandered a bit again, inside the house this time, and bumped into Leo.

“Oh hi, sorry, I’m wandering a bit since I’m the last one in line for the shower.” I said, blushing.

“Oh yeah I forgot to tell you, there’s another shower down the hall that you girls can use.” Leo said.

“Really? Wait I’ll go text them.” I texted Cate immediately. This will cut my waiting time in half.

“C’mon, I’ll take you to my favorite place in this villa.” Leo held out his hand.

I looked at his hand, then at his eyes and flat out said “It isn’t your room, right?”

Leo laughed and took his hand back. “Nope. I like my room but it’s not my favorite” then he turned serious, “You can trust me Lexy,” he said earnestly. I followed his lead and we ended up at the roof deck. We sat in one of the cushioned rattan recliner and lose ourselves in the sea of stars above us.

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