Creating Happy Moments

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Mr. Handsome

Submitted: October 18, 2016

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Submitted: October 18, 2016



The island was marvelous. It had little cottages and hammocks tied on Coconut trees. The sand looked like fine beige powder and the view of the sea was gorgeous. The eight of us roamed the island, took selfies and groupies everywhere – on the beach, on the rocks near the shore, on trees, under the trees, on the hammocks - name it, we had a picture of, and on, or with it.

As lunch time drew near, tourist boats docked one by one in the island. In no time, the island was brimming with tourists strolling or taking pictures, guides preparing lunches and occasional locals who wanted to show off the island. I was resting under the shade overlooking the beach when Cate sat beside me and blurted, “OMG, this is the perfect spot!”

Bewildered, I looked at her and asked, “Perfect for what?”

“Manhunting!” she said smirking. I laughed at her antics. I knew Cate through Mina. We had not worked on a project together since she and Mina worked on a different project. From what I knew, she recently broke up with her boyfriend. She’s pretty, smart, and funny so rebound vacation fling was really probable.

“Hmm, Indonesian fling huh?” I teased. “Those are Koreans, so no, language barrier,” I pointed at the group of Koreans taking selfies on the other side of the beach.

“How about those cuties?” she said, pouting at the direction of frat boys eating lunch at the nearby table. “Ugh, they look like they’re still in college. Cougar much?” I said. She just laughed at me and continued scanning the beach.

“Uhm, excuse me, do you mind taking our photo?” I heard a guy asked. Startled, I looked to my left and a handsome, late twenties guy holding a camera is looking back at me with a shy smile. “None of us have monopod,” he said sheepishly. I felt my heartbeat go overdrive, and sat there frozen in the sand.

Luckily, Cate, the ever confident one saved me. “Sure!” she said while taking the camera. Mr. Handsome helped her stand up and led her to where the rest of his group are.

I watched Cate as she went with Mr. Handsome to make sure that she’s safe and she’s not going to be kidnapped or harassed or anything. When I saw her laughing with Mr. Handsome’s friends, I looked away and stared at the beach once more. “Dammit Lexy!” I whispered angrily. “When are you going to snap out of this? He is just a guy, a harmless guy.”

Smile more, laugh more, be more sociable, try new things - like a mantra, I repeatedly said this in my head. Forget about the past. It’s time to live your life. And hope that it is as easy as it sounds.

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