Creating Happy Moments

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - My Best Friend

Submitted: October 19, 2016

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Submitted: October 19, 2016




“Jace is staring at you”, Ron whispered to me. Ron became my best friend when he defended me against two drunkards, who tried to pick me up when we were walking home after finishing a school project in junior year. So far, he is the only man I became truly comfortable to be near with.

I looked up from reading the review materials for the upcoming Math Olympiad and stare directly at Ron’s eyes, “I don’t care.” I said, hoping that he will drop the subject. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t.

“Look, I know you like him. You blush every time you talk to him. He is the only guy who affects you like that.” He insisted.

Confused, I asked, “What do you mean?”

“Lexy, you’re my best friend so don’t take this the wrong way, okay? You don’t notice guys. Yes, you talk to guys but you don’t get close to them. You only get close to me.” He explained. I’m still not following so he continued, “You don’t get affected by them. Even if it’s obvious that they like you, you’re still kinda indifferent. You’re like the friendly ice queen.”

Okay, fair enough. “But with Jace, I’m not?”

Ron sighed patiently, “Yes. You only blush when you talk to him or when he’s near. And you look at him differently.”

Huh? “Differently how?” I asked.

“Like you want him to be your prince but you know that prince charming is not real but you still hope he is.” He said.

“Wow, that look is sure so complicated.” I teased but I’m honestly amazed. How does he know these things?

Ron held my right hand, looked me in the eyes and said, “Lexy baby, we’re only gonna be seniors once okay? This is our last year in college. If you like him, go out with him. I’m not saying that he is your soulmate or that you’ll both fall in love and all that crap. It’s just that, don’t hold yourself back. You deserve to be happy.”

“You think I’m going to be happy with him?” I asked.

“Only you can answer that baby.” He said softly, “I can’t tell you that. All I know is that, in our life, there are going to be dark moments, sadness, tragedy and stuff, but those dark moments make us appreciate the happy moments more. So hold on to the happy moments and grab every opportunity to create one.” Ron continued earnestly.

“I’ll try, Ron. I promise.” I said and tightened my hand around his.

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