Creating Happy Moments

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Doll up!

Submitted: October 20, 2016

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Submitted: October 20, 2016



Our room resembles to a mini dressing room now with all the piled up clothes on the beds and make up on the vanity tables. “Why are you all here again?” I asked out loud while trying to tidy up a little. I’m sharing the room with Roxy, Chloe and Jen while Mina, Cate, Ana and Carly share the room next door.

“Because you guys have a full body mirror and we don’t.” said Mina while doing her make up on the south wing vanity table.

Ana looked at Mina and frowns, “Why are you putting on make-up? It’s a pool party right? Won’t it smudge?”

 Mina rolled her eyes and said “Ana, my dear, these are water proof so they won’t smudge! C’mon here and let me do your make-up!” which made Ana jumped away from her while saying “I don’t think so. Thanks anyway!”

Roxy walks towards the mirror while checking barely there make-up and her ensemble of white eyelet lace scallop cover up which you can see the hint of purple 2-piece bikini, and Havaianas. Carly whistled, “It’s getting hot in here!” Roxy just laughed, then walked towards her things to retrieve her camera.

“Uh oh, here comes the selfie!” I teased. Roxy keeps numerous social media account to display her “portfolio”, which in my opinion, is just bunch of pictures of herself, albeit the whole bunch looked like they were professionally laid out. Roxy just gave me the stink eye and went to the well-lit part of the room to take her selfie and also took a couple of “stolen” pictures of us.

“Lexy, let me do your make-up, please?” Mina pleaded. Mina is the certified fashionista of the group. She knows the latest fashion, make-up and models even better than Roxy. She also proclaimed to be my make-up artist and stylist since I’m hopeless in all things fashion.

I remember the first time she volunteered to do my make-up. It was during the company photo shoot when she saw me looking helplessly at the bunch of freshly bought make-up on my table. She subtly put my drug store make-up aside and took out her MAC and Bobby Brown make-up kit instead. She then proceeded to apply my make-up while explaining the uses and differences of base, primer, concealer, blush on, eye shadow, mascara, etc. I had not only gained free make-up tutorial (which I honestly didn’t absorb) but also gained a new friend that day.

“Do I really have to?” I said but already walking towards the vanity table. Cate, already done with her make-up, is now doing Jen’s at the other table.

“Yes, we’re all getting dolled up. Well, except Ana since I can’t make her, but you’re doing it.” Mina said bossily.

“Fine. Do your best. Land me a man!” I joked.

“I’m pretty sure you will, Lexy.” Cate said mysteriously. I looked at her inquiringly which got me a gentle tap on the face from Mina.

“Look straight,” she said while applying primer or concealer (I have no idea) on my face.

“What do you mean Cate?” I prodded, since I’m really just kidding earlier. Lovelife is the least of my issues now. I don’t even know if I want to have one.

“Nothing,” said Cate, then added nonchalantly, “It’s just that Leo asked a lot about you.”

Really now. “Ah, okay.” I said casually which resulted to Cate to stop applying Jen’s make-up and rush to stand in front of me.

“That’s it? That’s your reaction? A hot guy asked about you and invited us to their place just to get to know you and you–“

Wait, what? “Cate, you mean we were invited because of me?” I stopped Mina from working on me and faced Cate.

“Uh, yeah..” Cate said sheepishly. “Sorry Lexy, it’s just that he seems to genuinely like you. Please give him a chance. Please give our outfit a chance.” She added. I looked around to Jen’s almost done make-up, to Carly and Chloe’s cute outfit, to Ana’s no nonsense get up, to Roxy’s magazine worthy look, and lastly to Mina and Cate’s meticulously done barely there make-up and gorgeous beach dresses.

 “Fine, but just because you all are already dolled up.” I gave in. “Yes! Thank you!” Cate said and proceeded to finish Jen’s make-up.

Once we’re all done, we went downstairs and were greeted by Dex, wearing beach shorts and white polo shirt unbuttoned until the chest area, at the lobby. “Wow, right on time!” Cate said. She also invited Dex, I think partly because she’s playing match maker like Carly and wanted Dex for Jen, and partly because we need a local to take us to Leo’s villa.

“I don’t like to make pretty girls wait,” he said grinning, “You’re carriage awaits.” he continued with a bow, pointing at the white van parked outside. We all laughed at his antics and climbed to the van, making sure the Jen sits next to Dex.

I tried not to think about what Cate said, but failed royally. How could he like me when he doesn’t even know me? When I don’t even like myself?

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