Creating Happy Moments

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Hardest Goodbye

Submitted: October 21, 2016

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Submitted: October 21, 2016




He’s okay. He going to be okay. He should be fine. God, please… I silently prayed as I rushed to the hospital.

“Lexy! Oh God, Lexy!” Rose, Ron’s crying mom, hugged me as I entered the ER. “He’s gone. Ron’s gone.” she sobbed. No! It couldn’t be! I removed Rose’s arms around me and dashed towards the bed.

Ron’s body was covered in blood and there are wounds all over his face. I heard the nurse say that he was dead on arrival, that he fractured his skull on impact. I didn’t hear what she’s saying after that. It felt like the world is crumbling around me.

“No, no, no, no, no… Ron, please, wake up, please!” I sobbed as I touched his face and gripped his shoulder. “Please, don’t leave me Ron. I need you. Please.. You said you’ll always be there for me. You’re my hero, r-remember? Come back, Ron! Come back, p-please… I-I still haven’t told you how grateful I am that we became best friends… Tt-that you taught me to trust again… That you taught me that I deserve to be happy.. I haven’t even told you that I love you…”

I looked at his unmoving face, my vision blurred with tears. Why?! Oh, God, why? This is unfair! My best friend was a good guy. He didn’t deserve to die this young! What about his dreams? What about his parents? Why did he have to die?!!

“Lexy, honey, they need to move Ron’s body n-now.” Matt, Ron’s dad, gently told me. I nodded, and forced myself to let go of Ron’s body. He helped me walked away from the bed as I watched two men in white scrubs take my best friend’s body away.

I didn’t remember how I got home. All I can think about was that I’ll never going to talk to my best friend again. My mom saw my crying face and immediately hugged me.

“He’s gone Mom. Ron’s gone.”

“Oh baby. I’m sorry.”

“Me too.”

I woke up with dried tears on my face and a little disoriented. I looked at my alarm clock and was confused to see an untouched dinner tray beside it in my bedside table. It’s 8am already so I grabbed my phone to text Ron that I’m going to be late when I remembered what happened. Ron won’t be reading my texts anymore. I felt tears stream down my face and my chest felt like an elephant stomped in it. My best friend is gone… and he is not coming back. Devastated, I lie down again in my bed and wait for my tears to stop falling and for my chest to stop hurting.

“It’s Ron’s interment tomorrow.” My mom said quietly.

I refused to leave my room for two days, during which I gathered all the things Ron gave to me and put them in my study table. The former contents of which are now scattered on the floor. I stopped arranging my things and looked at her. For the first time, I saw the worried face of my mother.

“I’ll be there,” I said, “I have to say goodbye.”

Ron’s parents hugged me as soon as they saw me. “I’m sorry I was not able to be here during the wake...” I apologized sadly.

“We understand,” Rose said, “it’s been hard on you too.”

“Would it be alright if I say a few words before… I… I want to say my goodbye.” I asked which Rose just nodded, while subtly wiping a tear.

I stood near the casket, refusing to look at the body behind the glass and started my eulogy. “You were more than just my best friend, Ron, you were my protector, my hero, my brother. You held my hand during my darkest hours. You refused to let go when I wanted to wallow on my own fear and insecurities. Y-You held my hand tightly and taught me to hold on to the happy moments... You are one of my h-happy moments R-ron. You made me feel like the world is not as scary as it is. You made me believe that heroes exist. You not only made me feel safe, but you also pushed me to face my fears. I may not have won against them yet Ron, but don’t worry, I will try so hard to overcome them. Because that’s what you wanted me to do. You wanted me to become happy… I owe you so much… And, it’s just hard for me to let you go… But I know you wouldn’t want that. You would want me to move on… So, as hard it is for me to let you go, I will. I don’t want to, but I know I have to... We will see each other again, Ron… Until that time comes, I’ll be creating happy moments here, like you told me to.”

I allowed myself to look at his face and with tearful eyes I said, “I love you my best friend… Until we meet again.”

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