A Yellow Flower

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This story describes the moment when eyes catch up on something beautiful. Its a short entertaining story based on imagination and feeling the essence of imagination in reality, something that's unforgettable.

Submitted: October 18, 2016

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Submitted: October 18, 2016



A dainty yellow flower seemed gazing through the window panels, waiting for the sun. The flower grew and bloomed on a small plant with hardly three or four leaves. The small plant was planted in a small earthen pot and kept on the window bar of a big drawing room. The window was built in the west side wall of the drawing room so that the plant could get the warm morning sun rays.

Today my day did not start well. Wondering in my own thoughts, I did not realise when I went near that window and leant my head with my chin resting on my hands over the window bar. With a deep breath, my eyes tried to change the focus and I suddenly saw the yellow flower. It seemed like the flower was smiling at me. My whole concentration got unknowingly focused on that flower. It was beautiful, bright and full of life. I could feel my breath going in and coming out touching the flower. “its so…..its so…” I thought but couldn’t complete the thought as I did not remember any adjective to describe its beauty and sense of life. May be, if my eyes and heart had voice they might have tried to describe how and what they were feeling.

 Yellow colour of the flower was like petals cut from the sun’s rays. Light green coloured stem seemed like neck of the flower helping it to peep out of the window and gaze the sky. Edges of its five petals moved slightly along in the direction of the breeze as if it were calling me “come on…. Come on..” The pollen stigma seemed to be its hands full of wishing granules it wanted to offer me that I could blow out with every wish. I kept admiring the flower and enjoyed doing so! Suddenly after some time the whole magic disappeared. It was just a beautiful flower kept on my window! My mind was again haunted by all the worries and tensions which I had forgotten a few moments ago.

When I moved my head slightly, there was a tiny little bud hiding behind the green part of the flower. “Oh my!” I thought. The whole picture seemed a little more exciting. The bud appeared as if flower’s little child trying to hide itself behind its mom. That tiny part was stubborn and did not want to share anything with anyone. Was it my imagination or just a bud, not ready to bloom? My brain was puzzled, “why does it seem like this to me”. I tried to relax with a deep breath with my eyes still focusing on the bud in search of something I could understand. 

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