The Fake Eye

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Going on a private mummy tour shouldn't be scary

Submitted: October 19, 2016

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Submitted: October 19, 2016





It’s been a few weeks since the gang received their first mysterious text

From unknown only known to them as X

Which led and helped them solve the old Spooks case.

 Then a few weeks later a second text appeared

And once again it led and helped them to solve the Lighthouse case

Now X is back

Asking them to solve yet another case.

But who is this mysterious X and why does it keep asking the gang to solve these cases


Chapter 1:

Good morning, my name is Miss Tanner.

 And I’m the new Rocky Shores, museum coordinator

“Do you kids know what that means?” She asked.

none of them answered her

They just slowly all shook their heads no

Miss Tanner laughed before she answered

“That’s okay, it’s only a fancy word.

 Which simply means that I’ve to make sure that every display pieces or artifacts

 shown in the museum are real.

“But the best part of my job is getting to meet all of you.”

“Now, before I let you in my little surprise.

 Do any of you have any questions?” She added.

 Sammy Turtle raised his paw

“Have you ever had anything stolen out of the museum?”

“Thankfully, no. I always made sure to hire the best security company just to make sure.”

Miss Tanner smiled

“I really like your charm bracelet. Is that the eye of Horus?”

 Vicky Dragonfly asked next

“Why, thank you and yes, it’s. do you know what the eye of Horus stands for?”

 Miss Tanner asked.

 Vicky, who thought for a moment before she answered Miss Tanner back

“Isn’t considered to be some sort of magical charm from ancient Egypt.

Worn for protection or to wore off evil spirits.”

“Very good, umm.”


“Vicky, that’s correct.

 It was often buried with its owner to protect them in their journey to the afterlife

“I’m really glad that you noticed my bracelet it brings me to my surprise.

 Each year I happily pick a class to be my special guest to get a special preview

“Of the new Egyptian exhibits that will soon open at the museum later on this week.”

 Miss Tanner began.

 “You kids, will have a private grand tour of our new eye of Horus exhibits.

 And many cooler surprises.” She added

“Oh cool!” Do we get to see a real mummy too?” Tommy Cub cried out.

Miss Tanner laughed

“My lips are sealed. I guess you’ll just have to wait and find out!”


Chapter 2:

Later on that week the gang was happily waiting inside the Rocky Shores museum lobby.

 Waiting for Miss Tanner to arrive

“I hate to ask.

 But have any of you gotten any new texts from our mysterious friend lately?”

 Sammy asked them.

 And before any of the gang got a chance to answer him back

Miss Tanner walked up to them and smiled

“Hello, I hope you kids,

 are just excited as I’m to explore all the super fun surprises that I’ve in store for you today.

“And after you all finish exploring all the mayor exhibits. You kids,

will be the first to explore our underground tunnel that we’ve created a real Egyptian tomb

“That includes a real mummy inside of it.”

Oh wow!


Shortly afterwards they entered a big lit room that was filled with dusty artifact, paintings, and other unknown treasures laying around

“Kids, I’d like you to meet professor Leafy.

He’s our super forgery expect; he can spot a forgery from a billion miles away.”

 Miss Tanner laughed

The old bear looked up from his lens scoop and smiled

“Why thank you kindly Miss Tanner, hello kids. And welcome to my lab!”

“Wow, you’ve some pretty cool stuff.” Tommy said after looking around the room

“Is all this stuff for the new exhibit?” He added

“Yes, they’ll be.

 As soon I’m through making sure none of these pieces aren’t fake.”

 The professor smiled

“Have you ever discover any forgeries in your line of work?” Daisy Penguin asked him

“Sadly, I’ve. A not so smart bird brain once tried to sell me a mummy tomb

But after just looking at it for a few seconds, I knew it was fake.

 And told him where he could stick his tomb!” The professor laughed

“Whoa, how did you figure it out so fast?” Sammy asked

“Well, I’ve seen my tombs in my life time.

 But I’m pretty sure none of the real ones had peace signs stickers on them.”

 The professor winked

“Professor, is there any truth in the mummy curse?” Vicky asked him

“Now that’s a different of opinion kind of questions within my line of work.

 I’m sorry to disappoint you my dear, but in my opinion.

 There’s no such thing as this mummy curse

“This rumor began when a group of ancient discovers many, many, years ago.

Discovered king tuts tomb

But when they opened it instead of finding gold and other treasures.

They found a wall inscribed with this so-called curse.

“Warning all those who’d open this tomb would die an awful death but none of that ever happened.” The professor answered her

“Now enough of this gloomy talk and let’s get down to business.

 Who wants to see a real mummy tomb minus its curse!” The professor laughed


Chapter 3:

Later that afternoon Miss Tanner asked the gang to once again in the lobby for one last surprise


“I surly hope that you all had a great time?” She asked them.

 They all nodded their head yes

Then took turns telling her their favorite parts of exhibits was

“I’m so happy that you all like it so much. Now for being such terrific guests,

I’ve one last surprise for you kids

“Well, it’s more like a challenge.

 I’ve hidden three mini golden mummy tombs inside one or more of the rooms

That you’ve just visit

“If you kids, could find all them within one hour you’ll win a very special surprise.”

 Miss Tanner explained smiling


The gang quickly accepted her challenge then took off running.

Soon afterwards they found two golden mummy tombs

They were just about to leave the room and go to another when Vicky suddenly cried out

“Hey, I think I found the last one!”

She went to get the tomb out of the glass display case that was hidden behind an eye of Horus artifact


They quickly went looking for Miss Tanner but they couldn’t find her

“Let’s try looking for her in the professor’s lab.” Tommy suggested.

 But it was also empty

“Hey, Vicky; what’s that on your paws?” Daisy asked her

“It looks like gold paint or something.” She added.

 Vicky looked at her paws then shrugged

“Don’t know.

 I must have dirty them when I moved the eye artifact to grabbed the tomb.”

“Strange.” Daisy began

“Excuse me, but what are you kids, doing in here?”

 A voice from behind them interrupted.

 They quickly explained all about Miss Tanner’s challenge and how now they can’t seem to find her anywhere

That’s strange.” The professor mumbled.

 He then asked Vicky what was wrong with her paw

“I think I stained them when I moved the eye artifact that was in front of the mini mummy tomb.

 We were supposed to find maybe it was fake or something.” Vicky explained

“Show me where you found this tomb?” The professor suddenly frowned


When they went back to the main room the professor walked over to the glass case and opened it. Taking out the eye artifact from it he frowned

“This is very disturbing.

 None of its painting should be rubbing off just because you touch it

“I need to take this back to the lab and examined it farther.”


Chapter 4:


“Do any of the other employees have the keys for that display.”

 Cookie asked the professor once they returned back to the lab

“Not that I can think of. Expect for Miss Tanner and myself.”

He answered her back

“Well, maybe she accidently left the case unlocked. When she  

placed the tomb inside of it.” Cookie suggested

“Maybe, but I wonder what can be keeping her, she should’ve shown up by now.”

 The professor frowned.

 He took the artifact and placed under his microscope to farther examined it

What are you looking for they all wanted to know

“I’m looking for what kind of minerals is--.

 Oh dear, it’s worst then I thought.”

 The professor suddenly cried out

“What?” Vicky asked

“This artifact not only is it fake. But it’s made out of some cheap plastic.

 We need to phone the cops as soon as possible.”

 He answered her back with a big frown on his face

“Why do you want to contact the police?” A voice from the door way asked

“Miss Tanner?”

 Where have you been these kids, have been worried sick about you.”

 The professor frowned.

 Miss Tanner gave him a weird look before she answered him back

“I wasn’t gone that long, I had some business to attend to back in my office.

“Now what’s this about calling the police?”

“One of the artifacts have been taking and replace with a fake one.”

 The professor began to explain

“What!” That’s impossible, are you sure?” Miss Tanner frowned

“Of course, I’m sure I know what a fake artifact looks like.”

 The professor frowned back

“I’m sorry kids, I think we should go— “Miss Tanner began

“Miss Tanner, these kids, are the ones who brought it to my attention.

 The police are going to want to speak with them.” The professor cut her off

“Oh, oh yes of course,

 I guess I’m just in disbelief which of the artifacts has been switch.”

 Miss Tanner answered

“The one in the mummy room.

 That’s where I found the last tomb when I moved the eye artifact my paws got all stained with a gold paint.”

 Vicky explained

“What!” Now I’m really confused I personal placed that tomb inside that display case.

 And everything was fine.” Miss Tanner deeply frowned.

 And before any of them could answer she quickly walked over to phone


She was about to dial when something caught her eye


Chapter 5:

It was a small bottle of gold paint and paint brush. Hidden behind some books

She was about to ask him about. It when he gave her a dirty glare and cut her off

“I see that you’re not wearing your charm bracelet.

Did you misplace some place Miss Tanner?”

“If you must know professor, after my phone call I noticed that the charm fell off.

 Now I’ve a question for you

“Where were you?” And why do you’ve a bottle of gold paint hidden on your desk

You’ve a key just as I do, maybe you were the one who switch the artifacts.”

“Let’s just have the police settle this.” The professor sneered.

 And before any of them could move

The lights suddenly went off


And as quickly they went out they came back on

“Okay, I need you kids, to stay here.

 I need to make sure security doesn’t let the professor leave the building.”

Miss Tanner instructed them before she left the room


For a few moments none of the gang spoke.

 They just stared at each other with confused, scared looks on their faces

“Okay, what just happened?” Tommy asked breaking the silence between them

“Don’t know, but I’ve a funny feeling one of them is lying.

 Maybe we should go and follow them.” Vicky answered him.

They all agreed that it was a good idea

But before they left Cookie took out her cell and called the police

“Just in case.” She shrugged


They quietly left the room and went searching for Miss Tanner and professor Leafy.

 But they couldn’t find them

“Isn’t it weird how they keep disappearing so fast.” Sammy told them

“Why don’t we try looking for them inside the underground tunnel.”

 Tommy suggested


“It’s kina of creepy down here.”

 Sammy said as they walked farther down the damp long tunnel

“They really did a get job. This really looks like an ancient tomb entrance.” Vicky began

“Yah, expect I don’t think that mummies hid boxes full of gems behind their tombs.”

 Cookie added



“You nosey little brats, couldn’t mind your own business!”

 I really wish you never found that!” A voice from behind them growled.

 They quickly turned around and found the professor standing there growling at them

“Miss Tanner, will be here any minute with the- “Tommy began


 Now if you’d be so kind and just hand me the box and I promise not to hurt you kids.”

 The professor smirked  

“Oaky Sammy, you heard him help me with the box.”

 Tommy told him shrugging.

 Sammy nodded as he walked over to where Tommy was standing

And helped him pick up the box.

 They silently nodded to each other again before they quickly lunged the box at the professor.

Hitting him straight in his stomach and knocking him down gasping for air


Not giving the professor a chance to recover.

 They quickly ran passed him and out the tunnel and straight into Miss Tanner and two frowning police officers


“Whoa!” Where’s the fire?” One of the officers cried out

“It was the professor!”

 He’s in there and was probably going to murder us or something cause we discover his stolen treasure box!”

 Sammy cried out

“What?” Okay just calm down kid, and tell us again what’s going on”

 The other officer frowned.

 They quickly took turns telling them what happened a few minutes ago

“Okay, I need for you kids, to stay here. While my partner and I check it out.”

 He began.

 But instead of waiting the gang took off running back to where they just came from

“Hey!” Come back here!

“Quick!” He’s in here!” Don’t let him get away!”

 Tommy yelled over his shoulder as he ran back into the room


Chapter 6:

But when they ran back inside it was empty

“So, where is he?”

“Go away!”

 A loud voice from the far dark corner interrupted.

 “If any of you come any closer, I’ll smash all these artifacts to pieces.”

“Professor Leafy,

 why don’t you just put that down and let’s talk about this.” Miss Tanner pleaded

“Ha!” You must think I’m some old fool, as soon as I do. They’ll arrest me

“Now back off!”

“Fine; you all heard the professor, let’s not do anything that will upset him.

 I’m sure he just like us wants this to end as peacefully as possible.”

 Miss Tanner told them

“Very good Miss Tanner,

now which one of you nosey brats are going to walk in front of me.

 So we both can have a safe exit out of here.” The professor smirked

“I’m sorry professor, but we can’t let you do that.

 We can’t risk putting any of these kids at risk.”

 One of the officers answered him frowning.

 The professor was going reply when Cookie suddenly cut him off

“I’ll do it!”


“Oh, no you won’t.” The officer snorted

“So, I guess we’re not going to see the mummy after all.”

 Tommy suddenly shrugged. They all looked at him if he was nuts


And before any of them had a chance to answer an eerie noise interrupted

“What was that noise?” The professor

“What was what?”

 The gang shrugged with big smiles on their faces

“Don’t play dumb with me.”

And before any of them could answer the professor back the eerie sound grew louder and the room began to fog up as sound of slowly footsteps began to creep up

The professor grew more nervous as he went to grab for Cookie’s collar.

But she was too quick for him

She jumped out of his way causing him to trip over

“Now!” Cookie cried out as she and the rest of the gang jumped on top of him


Chapter 7:

Moments later after the professor was being led away in handcuffs.

 One of the officers went up to the gang and told them

“Nice work kids, but also dangerous.

 One of you could’ve gotten seriously hurt.”

“My thoughts exactly.” Miss Tanner added frowning.

 “And what was that noise?”

 It sounded just like a real mummy lurking around.” She added

Vicky smiled as she took out her cell phone from her back pocket.

 She pressed a button and the eerie sound began to fill the room

“I downloaded a mummy sound bit before coming here.

 I thought it’d be really cool.”

“Very impressive but also risky, promise you kids, will never pull another stunt like that.

“I’m so sorry about this kids, I never had any idea that professor Leafy,

 would do something so greedy and awful as this

I was just informed that he’s wanted in two other states for theft.”

 Miss Tanner explained

“Oh wow!” What’s going to happen to him?” Daisy asked

“I’m not sure, but with all the charges against him.

 He’s going to be locked up for a very, very long time

“It’s a shame really, he really was a wonderful forgery.

 But I guess the greed got the best of him.” Miss Tanner sighed

“Do you think you’ll have everything ready for the grand opening?”

Tommy asked her

“I hope so. I’m just glad that it’s all over with.

 Now why don’t you kids, come to my office I still owe you that a very special surprise.”

 Miss Tanner smiled


The gang gave each other gave each other cognation high fives before they entered Miss Tanner’s office

They were about to step inside when their cell phones went off at the same time


They gave each other a confused look as they slowly read the text that they just received

Which read:


Cognations! On another job well done

You’ll soon be all well rewarded

But until then take care

Your friend X


Copyrights © belong to jack 2006


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