Love Life

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Present Love life of Couples

Submitted: October 19, 2016

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Submitted: October 19, 2016



Since i started traveling,i met many people and specially couples ,some of them were travelling together and some of the people were stressed up with their life because they were married. This was a big question in my mind,that why the people who love each other or the ones who make promises to each other for there love life together are not happy.Then i started to find the reasons behind the unsuccessful marriages and the the people who love each other a lot but not able to manage to keep that love alive for long and live happily.

Marriage is a sacrament ,a promise ,a bond of love between two persons who want to live their life together till they die.But in today's world i feel that just after marriage that love ,promises and the strong bond between couples come down on the graph after marriage.Why people are not able to walk together holding there hands as they used to before marriage or the people who do arrange marriages are not able to create a bond of love and affection with their partner.If any couple who is not happy with there marriage or with there love life,i feel they should sit together and give a thought to their clashes ,they should find the reasons and people behind those clashes and misunderstandings.

Life is given once ,from the day we enter this world ,different stages of life starts .we experience the pampering as a baby and then we enter the childhood ,meet new people ,get to know everything about life and the life goes on.As we enter the teen age we experience a lot of things in life,our serious studies ,our serious relations and long phone calls and chats ,our patch ups our breakups,our career and many things.We enjoy the life at its full as we want to and sometimes we feel satisfied with the life we live.Some couples are together in there school then in college and then they get married too.It means their relation and the love bond is strong,they managed to walk together so long.Some people who decide to go for arrange marriage ,they willingly want to live life with their partner and to walk together and to create a bond of love .But why the love and affection and trust between the couples, come down slowly on the graph of marriage.

When two persons decide to start there journey before marriage ,they give their time to each other and sometimes bunk their schools ,their colleges,so that they can spend time together.Every couple wants to spend maximum time with each other from the 24 hrs they have in there pocket.They love to go for long drives and they enjoy special moments together taking pics and they create memories of there love life.Everything goes smooth ,but when they come together after marriage and they have 24 hrs completely with them ,they start getting bored and there are clashes and distances and misunderstandings..

This sudden change or the breakers and stoppers for love and affection between the couples enters after marriage.

There are small things that we need to take care of,theirs nothing new .In the love life, marriage gives you the certificate to live together happily in the society with a licence.Its a proof that you agree to spend rest of the life together and no one can interfere in your life.Its an official bond.Now you have more time to go for long drives ,more time to go for dinners and all the time together as you want to spend,24 x 365 days.So enjoy the life that you wanted.But after marriage we make our life boring and we only do things that affect the marriage and the love bond.Its a busy life ,one need s to earn money because now you have a family and you want to live a comfortable and happy life having a nice house and all the things you wish to have.So we our focused more in earning money, to fulfill our dreams and to have all the things in the life we want to .When we are in a relation before marriage ,at that time we bunk school ,colleges to meet our love and while doing job we spend maximum time on phones and chats.That time we dont plan for a good life and earning money for the things we wish and the dreams we want to live.At that time we give our maximum hours and surprises to the our partner.But suddenly after marriage what happens,we start thinking of our-self and the dreams and the comfort .

Everything can be same after marriage ,the love ,the affection and we have 24 hrs together, we have more time to strengthen the bond of love and trust.But we fail to do so.We start reacting on small things,we start believing on other people more.We have time to be more transparent to each other but we don try to and because of misunderstandings and some of the wrong reactions and behavior ,we spoil the joy of being together in love. Thats wrong,why we change ,why we react and why we are not able to put same efforts for our love that we gave before marriage.Wake up guys ,marriage is a beautiful sacrament,in which we share our feelings and love with the soulmate.Be close to each other ,share your feelings and love and affection,give time to your marriage life and you will experience the change.Kick out the reasons and the people behind the clashes and the misunderstandings in your bond of love.Be transparent to each other ,have trust and walk together,share the feelings and show your love and affection.Nothing can disturb your marriage and love life.

Chase your dreams and fulfill the wishes together as one ,and enjoy the best part of life .Marriage is the longest time and the most important part of ones life,so we should love deep from our heart ,trust completely and be close to each other till the end of life..

Thanks & Keep Smiling

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