Tragic Story of Susan

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This is a short story about an imaginary character called Susan, a timid soft spoken unmarried lady who had to undergo different phases of turbulent decisions in the innersole of her and had to decide about the correct steps to be taken considering all the aspects of life.This short story is imaginative based on certain real facts of life which seems to be touchy and feelings of an unmarried lady throughout different phases of her life span.

Submitted: October 19, 2016

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Submitted: October 19, 2016



In the beginning, I will give a brief introduction and state some of the difficult phases of the life of my imaginative character, Susan and the critical moments faced by her in different phases of her life and the courageous effort made by her to direct her way to the righteous path.

From the childhood she was a blessed child and was a beloved and light for everyone’s life amongst all the family members and the relatives.She was fully dedicated to her studies and duties towards her family members. The life was almost going on smooth for her until the later part  of her teens when suddenly she was attracted and started liking a boy some years younger than her but she was not able to express and convey and convince and share the same with her family members and started regretting about the same every now and then. That was the first setback of her life.Years passed by with the passage of time she got employed and started to erase the good old memories and the elderly members of her family started searching for a groom for her in her late twenties but unfortunately by some means or others the mission couldn't be made successful.  

As days passed by she carried out her duties and responsibilities towards her commitments for the family members, relatives and society and in doing so she had to undergo various tough situations mentioned in the subsequent parts of this storey.

The imaginative character had to encounter difficult situations and taunting at different situations from different sections of society and fall in an embarrassing situation, absorb the same and still stick to the firm decision to lead an independent life.

To go through different dilemma of thoughts in the innersole of her and still adhere to the righteous path. It is highly appreciative on the part of Susan to keep calm after dealing with the oceans of difficult situations with the unwanted culprits of the society.

After undergoing different stages of depressions of life, hats off to the character, Susan to pursue with the commitments, duties and all the social responsibilities/bindings under the guidance of the almighty to fulfil his commands gleefully and accept everything as a blessings of God.  

Since Susan was unmarried and an independent lady, I would imagine about some of her advantageous situations which would give a moral boost to the imaginative character, Susan. Being independent Lady, she could take and stick to her own decisions and the possibility of difference of opinion with the life-partner does not arise since she was an independent responsible lady. To satisfy the needs and requirements of her parents and relatives which in the presence of a life-partner may become conflicting sometimes. To handle single handedly and take correct and right decisions of life towards the achievement of the main goal which in the presence of a life-partner wouldn't have been possible.

And in this way she lead the life with her family members and relatives till she became old when my imaginations would take her willingly to shift herself to the old age home giving service to the persons staying there and accept them as her family members and carry out gleefully the missions of life as per instructions of the almighty……………..

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