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Life of a Girl

Submitted: October 19, 2016

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Submitted: October 19, 2016



The day she enters this world , feels the warmth of her mother and when she open her eyes ,the first person she meets is her mother.From that day her life in this beautiful,big and busy world begins.She is pampered by everyone ,specially her dad ,who is very happy that God blessed him with a baby girl.She can see everything ,the smile of her mother and happiness of the people around,chatting and laughing .She can feel people trying to make her smile but she cant express.Then with the time and in the loving hands of parents ,she starts growing and experiencing the world.Her mother dresses her like a princess and her dad wants to get everything for his daughter and wants to keep her safe and to give her all the love and affection he can.She is always a baby for her parents ,whether she is going to school or college or she starts doing a job and get married.

The first thought or words that clicks in our mind for the word "GIRL" are delicate,beautiful ,cute,pretty and most importantly respect .Delicate does not mean that a girl is weak and people can treat her as they want to. It means that a girl is a symbol of beauty and delicacy, we should love her and should take care of her emotions.Every girl is blessed with the same mind ,heart and soul as other people on this earth.From the school days to the day she starts her first job,she gives her best to stand on her own and to walk in this competitive world.A girl is capable of achieving heights in career or in any stage of life.She fulfills expectations of the school ,college and the organisation she works for. At the same time she takes care of her parents and all the responsibilities towards her family.When she gets married ,their are people standing in front of her eyes with great expectations .If at every place and stage of life ,she is busy fulfilling the expectations ,then when she will get time to chase her dreams and to fulfill her wishes .A girl's smile gives a positive energy to her parents ,friends and her soulmate,but at the same time they should also take care of her feelings and should walk with her to fulfill her dreams and wishes. We should respect her feelings , her ideas and appreciate her for perfectly playing the role in different stages of life as a daughter and sister ,as a friend ,as a wife and a mother.

As i feel ,firstly a girl is a blessing for her parents,then for her friends and most importantly for her husbands life.She is in this world ,to be loved and to take care of her .One should connect with her to be a part of her life and to make her feel happy and satisfied with her life.

World is big and full of beautiful things around.Beautiful nature ,beautiful monuments and beautiful girls compliment the beauty of this world.So we should respect and take care of it .

Without girls ,world is like a garden without flowers.


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