Tell The Story Mum

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A story passed down through the generations and then from mother to son.

Submitted: October 19, 2016

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Submitted: October 19, 2016



“Tell the story mum.”

“Which one darling?” Said Gabby tiredly. She hadn’t slept properly in the hard hospital bed for days.

“The one about Princess Maria and Prince Cornelius.”

Gabby wracked her brain for the story Michael wanted.

“The one you always tell mum, the story mum.”

As Gabby looked into Michael’s face she knew exactly which story he wanted. The one passed down from her mother. She smiled and closed her eyes.

“Once upon a time there was a King and a Queen and they longed to make their royal family complete. Then when they had almost given up they were blessed with a daughter. But in the midst of the happiness there was much sadness, for the Queen died. To make up for the fact that Maria had no mother the King made sure she had everything she needed. She had a maid to help dress her and do her hair and take her anywhere. And as Maria had a fondness of flowers just as her mother had the King hired a gardener, Cornelius. Cornelius came from …”

“A royal family!” Michael interrupted a smile on his face.

“Are you telling the story or am I?” Said Gabby laughing a little. She knew Michael knew the story from his memory, she had told it a thousand times since he was born. Yet he still insisted she tell it again.

“You are.” Michael said, closing his eyes and picturing the scene.

“Cornelius came from what had once been a Royal family, but his father had been cursed by a wicked witch and now Cornelius worked as a gardener. Cornelius loved Maria but afraid of her reaction never told her. In the same way Maria loved Cornelius but because he was just a gardener she kept quiet. Even though Cornelius didn’t voice his love for the Princess he showed it by filling the gardens with her favourite flowers, roses. Roses of all colours, red, yellow, pink and white. The same witch who cursed Cornelius’ family was now after the King, desperate to inherit his Kingdom. So in order to do so she poisoned the roses. One beautifully sunny day as Maria walked around the gardens with Cornelius her cheek brushed against the petals of a rose as she took a deep breath in to savour its smell. With the touch, the brief brush of skin against petal, the poison entered her blood stream and she fell to the ground cold. Cornelius rushed her inside and called for the King.”

“Are you sad mum?”

“No Michael, why?”

“You’re crying.”

Gabby smiled turning her head to be able to better see her son.

“They aren’t sad tears my baby, the story reminds me of my mum, and one day will hopefully remind you of me as you tell it for the millionth time to your child.”

“Do you think I’ll be able to remember it?”

“Of course you will. All you’ll have to do is think of me. Can I continue now?”

“Yes.” Said Michael satisfied at his mother’s response.

“The King called for a doctor. The doctor came quickly and told the King that if she wasn’t kissed by a man who truly and deeply loved her within a week she would surely die. The King was saddened by the prognosis so sent a message out to all Kingdoms of the world. If any man truly and deeply loved his daughter then he must come wake her. If anyone succeeded then they would be allowed to marry the Princess and would inherit the Kingdom when the King died. Young men from across the world came but none succeeded. A few hours before the seventh day came to an end the King called for Cornelius. ‘Gardener’ he said his voice filled with immense sadness. ‘No one has been able to awake my daughter, what am I to do? I will die and there will be no heir to my Kingdom, it will fall into the hands of the witch and fall to ruin.’ Cornelius filled with sadness that his love would die spoke, a strange confidence taking over his entire mind and body. ‘Your Highness I love your daughter more than I love anything else in this whole world. Please, allow me to try and wake her. If I succeed you must keep to your word and let me marry her. If I fail you may throw me from your Kingdom. Kill me even if you wish but please at least let me try.’ The King looked up at Cornelius his eyes filled with tears. ‘You may kiss my daughter, I do not wish to kill you if you fail but I will never want to see you here again. I must try something and you are my last hope. You must hurry we haven’t much time.’ The King led Cornelius up the stairs and too his daughters room. The young Princess looked as if she was merely sleeping and Cornelius stood for a moment taking in her beauty before he leaned closer and kissed her, gently and lovingly. What felt like and age passed and the King looked even more saddened than before. ‘She has not woken, we have failed.’ But as the tears began to fall the Princess stirred and Cornelius rushed to her and hugged her with joy. ‘Gardener! You have succeeded to awake my daughter!’ The King rushed to Cornelius and shook his hand.”

“They get married don’t they mum?”

“Yes darling, are you going to let me finish?”

“Why couldn’t her father wake her with a kiss?”

“Because … well … because there wouldn’t be a story if her father could wake her.”

“But her dad loved her didn’t he mum?” Said Michael, he always got confused at this part of the story and was insistent he would get an answer this time.

“Of course he did. But if her dad could have kissed her and awoken her she would never have known Cornelius’ love for her and never married him. She wasn’t awoken by Cornelius’ love only, her father’s love saved her but in a different way. Now are you going to let me finish?”

“Yes” Said Michael closing his eyes.

“After the initial small celebration that the Princess had awoken there was a massive celebration. Then Cornelius and the Princess got married and lived happily ever after. The Kingdom blossomed under the reign of the Princess and the Gardener Prince. The End.”

“Can I ask one more question mum?”

“Go one then, what know?” Said Gabby.

“What happens to the witch?”

Gabby sat up slightly shifting her weight to find a more comfortable position, and shift her weight from her hip.

“Now Michael that is a very good question. I don’t haven’t a clue. Mum never told me, and I never questioned it.”

“You make it up then mum.”

“Okay, umm … let’s see. The King knew the wicked witch was behind all the bad things that had happened and so he banished her far away so that she could never hurt anyone ever again.”

“But why not kill the witch?”

“Now Michael that wouldn’t be a nice thing to do would it. He spared her life to show the difference between right and wrong. What the witch did was wrong, and what the King did was right.”

Gabby closed her eyes, her breathing slowed and was about to drop off to sleep when Michael turned towards her and kissed her.

“I love you mum.”

“I love you too my darling baby, to the moon and back.”

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