fight club 2

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first rule of fight club is ou do not talk about fight club

Submitted: October 19, 2016

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Submitted: October 19, 2016




After realizing that TYLER is my imaginaton and progect MAYHEM has been completed i want to divert my mind away from imagining TYLER face and his body...

After TYLER my life s going boring, may be everyones life is going bore i guess, because when he was alive he create underground fight and i like it....i heard a member of our fight club ANGEL FACE (JARED LETO) who was badly beaten from TYLER has now became JOKER some mad my life is kind of going boring so i started an underground fight club without TYLER and gather some new peoples for it and when i say GENTLEMAN WELCOME TO FIGHT CLUB every one start laughing and saying.......

"LOOK BACK BROH....Bro.............."



TYLER standing behind me smiling too.....and then i understand imagination can never be end until we die...he raise his hand and start telling rules of fight club......

I asked everyone can you see TYLER ?? and how they know TYLER i take peoples who didnt know me well so how they can know about TYLER...

I ran out crying but TYLER didnt moving his legs but still coming towards me flying i dont understand that TYLER was finished but know he came back when i running throught stairs TYLER coming behind me i saw someone standing infront of me a boy who keep saying "WHY ARE YOU RUNNING AWAY FROM MY FATHER " i say what ????



Now i can see TYLER family too , tyler didnt want to talk with me about the last time what happend he just wanted to be his imagination he wants to live a life and he also said " DO NOt TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB ANYMORE" he just want me to think about TYLER so that he and his family can live......



well marla the girl woh is standing with me when progect mayhem was almost done buildings are exploding the next moment she thinks that i am idiot and sarcastic mad person so she leaves and go to some where safe well the safest place is her home, when TYLER came  i asked to marla whether i want to stop him or just lwavehim like normal days and let him free marla still thinks i am mad so i am still mad now only one persons is remain who can tell me about TYLER to live or not /?....


 " ME OR HIM "

And that person is me and i decide to kill tyler silently i walk towards him he is sitting i remember him first time appearing in phsyco place a flash like, i walk towards him take out my gun again put in my mouth again and shoot.......thats my plan old way ...



Well i am TYLER and i am completing this story as you know his plan is to put bullet again in his mouth and again kill me huh i beg for my life but he... he didnt understand that i am his imagination and then bullet he is putting was actually passes throught his mind he died but i am still alive how i dont know may be i am now came as a real person but me and my family will remember him as our father who brought us here ............


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