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Fleana and crew escape but not without...changes.

Submitted: October 19, 2016

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Submitted: October 19, 2016






I knew it was all over when my stomach was all out of food to puke up, and I found my self in another lab. I closed my eyes and prayed that I was having another hallucination and then at any moment a blue elephant would walk into my room wearing my new dress and feeding me cake as it says “I’ll kill you”. I opened my eyes and thought that God had forsaken me. I knew I shouldn’t have made so many racial jokes. Oh, and I guess nearly burning people alive also might’ve been a factor.

I didn’t know how long I had been there. It could’ve been minutes, hours, or days as far as I could tell. But before long, the entire room turned a dark shade of scarlet and a loud blaring alarm pierced my eardrums. I thought my hallucinations were finally coming in for the kill until I heard a soft knock on my glass cage. Katrina’s morbid expression appeared before my very eyes instead.

Get up.” She told me. “I am in no mood to carry you.”

I tried to crawl out of my cage, but I didn’t know how much of my strength had left me until my mouth kissed the floor.

Get up.”

What’s up?” My voice barely squeaked out my voice box.

Get up.”

Oh alright.” I knew I wasn’t getting anywhere with her. As far as I could tell, her symptoms had destroyed the part of her brain that made her use different words.

Katrina was in hurry, but I could only muster up a snail’s pace. My sickness has really taken a toll on my body. Taking a step at a time sent an explosion of pain onto each rising leg, and the room wouldn’t stop spinning. A brief glance at a mirror revealed that the whites of my eyes was now a bright red.

The siren blared as we made it to a room. Warning! Warning! Low level threat detected in sector four.

I guess that’s us.” I joked.

Kat ignored me.

Warning! Warning! High level threat detected in sector three. Radiation level detected.

It was faint but clear. A yell followed by an explosion occurred below us.

Once I got back to my feet, I said. “I wonder who that could be.”

Katrina kept trudging forward. “Don’t care. Let’s keep going.”

Warning! Warning! Unauthorized personnel approaching. Threat level exceedingly high. Deploy all security units. Unit one has failed.

The thought of a breakout passed through my mind, and Katrina pried a door open. There lay the boys. They were worse for wear, and were spread out lifelessly in chairs. It took the movements of their heads to prove to me that they were still alive.

I took note of my surroundings. It was the same room where we first got our psionics. The headgears dangled from the ceiling as if they remembered the heads that they had settled upon. I had a strange yearning for them, and that made my heart skip a beat.

I quickly snapped out of my trance and focused on the boys. “Could anyone tell me what’s going on and why are we here?” After a short time of no answering, I pondered. “I remember not being able to get up from bed, mom letting me sleep in for the rest of the day, then I had this hallucination about giant blue elephants, carrying me away and telling me that everything will be alright and they’ll fix me right up and--” I lowered my eyelids. “We got jacked again, didn’t we?”

Yeah…” They muttered.

I shivered. “Okay, question number two. Why are we here of all places? And question three. How did you get loose? I assume you were locked up just like me.”
Prince pointed at Backpack who was working on the Cerebral Enhancer’s console. “The little fellow came through.” Before I could say “what”, he replied. “We need to get out of here, but we’re too weak to leave on our own.” He jabbed his finger at the machine. “Getting our psionics back is the only way.”

I wanted to disagree, but I knew that he was right. “Alright. How we do?”

By my remaining estimate, this frequency should give us enough power to walk out of here in one piece. All we need to do is slap on the helmets.”

Are you being sarcastic?” I asked.

We need to time this carefully. Overexposure could--”

A loud boom echoed from the door, a silent banging that could spell death for us.

Just hit the dang switch!” Katrina boomed.

I assumed Backpack was the one who pulled the trigger, and caused my head to begin exploding again. We got a larger dose than the last time and stayed a bit longer, but I didn’t feel any pain. I guess that’s because the brain doesn’t have any pain receptors, but I was worried about the overexposure thing Prince talked about. Whatever the case, it felt good to finally be relieved of the withdrawal symptoms until the power went out.

Darn it, Eco-corp. Pay the electric bill.” I joked against my will.

Uh, wait a minute.” I heard Caroline’s voice say.

The power was restored, and I found my and Katrina’s sisters standing in front of us, Caroline having her hand pressed against the wall.

Caroline raised an eyebrow. “What’s going on here?”

I began to grow meek. “Trying to get out of here.”

Susan frowned and smacked her forehead. “We’ve already done that…” She pointed at the kicked down door. “Mother is downstairs along with everybody else. Pack your stuff, avoid the trail of motionless bodies, and let’s go.”


I’m just gonna chalk up calling Ecosystem Corporation as a result of being in hallucinated state. See, that I could understand.” Aurora paced until he stopped and pointed one long finger at us. “See, what I don’t get is this.”

We were sitting on Aurora’s couch trying not to look ashamed and stupid. It’s way harder than you think.

Why did you use the Enhancer?” Mom asked. “Did you not think we would come for you?”

Well, we didn’t think you’d had the strength to bust down the place. Or legal right to.”

Oh. That’s right.” Storm widened her eyes as if she was just realizing something.

Storm.” Flare warned. “Now is not one of times.”

Wait. Is this one of those big secret things that’s not really a secret, but we don’t know about yet things?” I asked, confused about what my mouth had just stated.

Yeah. But it’s not important right now.”

Sounds important.”

Yeah, but not as much as this.” Aurora continued. “So, son. Are the afflictions back?”

I guess.” Prince told him. “They probably won’t show up til the next day at least. Certainly feels different though. We got a bigger dose this time. Time will tell if that would have consequences that will need to be worried about.”

I noticed Backpack humming underneath his forearm. It finally relearned its manners and was housebroken enough to live inside the apartment rooms again.

Well, it’s a good thing you still had that tracer stuck in your shoe.” Aurora commented. “I uploaded the signal into my tablet here, and it made finding you a cinch.”

I’m starting to question your actual knowledge of technology dad.” Prince raised an eyebrow.

So for the most part, it was all’s well ends well, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something I was forgetting. Something very troubling. I remembered shrugging it off. It couldn’t possibly be enough to affect me personally.

Well, I was only half-right. My mouth curled into an uncharacteristic frown. In the back of my mind, I felt echoes of emotions: fear, anger, and confusion. As my eyeballs passed over my crossed hands, I thought for a second that they glowed. But when I dismissed the thought, they returned to their normal brown hue and I never thought about it again for a few days. Y’know when the next catastrophic thing happened in my life.

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