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Submitted: October 19, 2016

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Submitted: October 19, 2016





Who’s to say what is important, what matters the most;

it’s like saying don’t just eat bread because you’d rather toast.


The things I find important seem to matter not to you;

but why do you make out that they should just be kept from view.


If there’s something that you want to say, that you want me to hear,

You’ll stand and talk, I’ll listen, even though it’s all unclear.


Can you say the same to me? I really don’t think so;

there’s some thing so important and you just have to go.


My interests are so trivial, they matter not at all;

I’ve learnt that it’s best not to try and just address the wall.


At least it does not answer back, doesn’t jeer and mock,

it’s always there to listen – and, yeah, it’s made of rock.


But you see, it is impartial; it doesn’t brush it off,

it treats everyone with disdain, doesn’t like to scoff.


The point that I am trying to make is we all have points of view,

and they are equally important – think! You know it’s true.


Don’t trivialise others interests, they mean as much as yours,

when you want to walk away maybe you should pause!



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