Me and life with nightmare

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Anyway, yes, I can’t just sigh and take it as a bed dream, cause it’s not, or take on the other side, the whole life is a nightmare. So unless you’re about to dead, or this nightmare was not about to end. If you really want me to admit, then I must say most of me was a pessimist, bus at the same time I got a strong optimism to pull me back when I’m almost become a Hypochondriacs. I think I’m not the only one on this situation. Maybe the sticking point of this society is each person take themselves too much. Too special, too important, but actually the sun will still shine when tomorrow come. On the environmental groups ‘s side, they might even say the sun will shine brighter without you. Some of the night I was really hope to be hit by a car or I just fall asleep and never wake up, like my grandpa. But imagen was only imagen, maybe these psychological suggestion are not strong enough to make it come true, like I was said, the strong optimism inside of me. So I will still wake up when tomorrow comes, open my eyes on my bed with all my shirts on it, straggling to sleep for ten more minutes, than back to this nightmare, again.

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Submitted: October 19, 2016

When the first time it happens I knew it that it will follow me whenever I go, and every time I’m totally not surprise to saw it happen... Read Chapter

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