save her

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this is personal but ive written in 3rd person as i fell more comfortable expressing myself this way.

Submitted: October 19, 2016

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Submitted: October 19, 2016



She awakes. Not from the sound of birds chirping, not from the sounds of the winds attempting to break in. Shes woken by the sound of her soul screaming for escape. A glitter of light slowly  sinks into her pale skin. Her eyes wet but her hands dry, she can sense the end. As she gradually lifts her head from her pillow her hands forced into a paralysed position in which movement is dangerous.. Her body is painted in black and blue and stripes of red. You may wonder if she’s still alive, well she is physically but she had died mentally a long time ago. As she drags her feet from her bed she sits facing the mirror analysing her every flaw. Why is my hair this way? Why am I so big? Why cant I be like the rest of them? Suddenly a thump at the door disturbs her thoughts and shes left to reminisce those few moments she had to herself.

Her body is bruised. Echoes of previous fights ring in her ear as she dresses herself for the day. The blotches of blue and purple compliment her skin as her fingertips brush across them. The stripes of red dried blood from the nights she was befriended with her knife sting as she kidnaps them under a white shirt she wears for the day. There is no room for wonder as she applies layers of pretence and lie. The smile she forms from her vaseline lips conceals the true hurt she feels inside. Cmon now, todays a new day and it shall be great.Lie after lie she fools herself into thinking it shall get better. ID  card round her neck and a cloak wrapped round her body tight enough so no one can see, she begins her day.

Her physical day is pretty simple and fine but her mental day is rather a nightmare she wishes she wakes up from. Her fathers shadow stalks her every move and the sense of being trapped and isolated in her own life haunts her to this very day. She is scared like every other girl but she is scared of those she loves. No one knew what was going on in her mind no one knew what devil had possessed her to be this way.

She would tell you to help her but she sees there is no point. The charade her father puts on is enough for you to question her honesty as her father is rather well of an actor. She sees no hope in her escape as those who have come to help her evacuate once they see who her father is.She trusts no one and no one could really blame her.

Is it a sin to take ones life? Its common sense not to hurt oneself. But she sees no sense in life itself . The familiarity with whats right and whats wrong disappears once she is left in tears from disputes between her dad. Even his silence is deadly as his actions scream louder than his words.

Save her! Oh why wont you save her?

She is not one to be saved. She awakes. Not from the sounds of the birds, not from the sounds of the wind. But the scream of her soul aching for help. She awakes knowing she has no savior.


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save her

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